Apology Message Board 12

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Posted by Alex Dejesus

Dear Laura Marie, I want to apologize for all of my wrong doings. At the time I was young and dumb, you're a really nice person that deserved and still deserves better. I want to bring you closer than what we are. I want us to be able to establish a friendship where you can feel comfortable telling me things and asking for advice. I want to be that brother figure where I can protect and help you. I'm sorry Laura Marie. I hope you can find it somewhere in that beautiful heart of yours to forgive me and accept me as a new and improved human being.

Posted by Kenndy

Kelvoni, I'm sorry. God I'm so sorry. I still don't know what I did to hurt you so badly and I'm so sorry about whatever it is that I did. I loved you so much, and it broke me so badly when you started to cut me off from you. Even now I regret how things happened between us. If there was a way for me to somehow go back in time, and change the way that things happened, I would do it. The relationship that I had with you was truly a beautiful relationship. I'm sorry it ended this way, and I'm sorry for hurting you.... I am ashamed of how I acted towards you by disrespecting you and for not trusting you. No amount of words can describe how ashamed and broken I feel for saying stuff I had no business saying... I love you so much. Yesterday I made you feel like I don't trust in you. It's not true - I do trust you... It's me I'm not sure of.... I look for your half to be perfect so when I drop mine, you'll be standing there holding us together. We will figure it out....even when you don't love, Me... I am sorry for everything I have done. You don't understand what I am going through if you knew you would understand. Know that things aren't going to be normal again but, we can always work it out. Words cannot describe how much I miss you and the pain I feel inside. I am sorry for the hurt I have caused you, I thought that walking away was the right thing to do as I felt that I no longer made you happy and all I gave you was grief. My heart is broken and life without you is unbearable. You are the kindest, most loving, sexy and sensual man that I have ever met and you are irreplaceable. I know there is no going back and that we are over but never forget I love you with all my heart and I hope you find the happiness you deserve.

Posted by Joan Jay

Alicia, I'm sorry for everything that happened. I wish I could go back and change all that happened and still have you in our lives. I wish I never spoke about our life with anyone. I wake up everyday and want to still text you good morning buttercup and wish you a good day. You will never know how much I miss you and would do anything to have you in our life again. I know you can and will never trust me again but I promise to never say another negative thing about you and never allow anyone to speak bad about you. I'm publicly doing this to prove to you how truly sorry I am for everything.

Posted by CareBear2015

I am very sorry for lying to you many times. I have tried to apologize every time, though, as I get older, you get sick and sicker of it happening. But, it won’t happen again because I will be on my best behavior to make it stop. And once this all has stopped, I can earn your trust back and everything can be fine. Though, I need to stop first and tell you all the situations that you’ve caught me in.

Posted by 'J'

Dear V & R,

I want to apologize for the way I came across. I was just nervous. All I heard was R got into someone's car and they got into an accident. I didn't know it was your dad. Nobody told me. I thought she just got into anyone's car. To be honest I'm sorry your dad got hurt. But my sister comes first. I just felt there should of been more responsibility on her part. R is very special to me. We went through everything together. From not having a dad, to growing up in a household full of anger, drugs, and cops. She means the world to me. I honestly thought she was dead or really hurt. I came across terribly. I didn't mean to make it feel like I'm throwing blame on your father. It all happened at the heat of the moment. I wanted to be mad but there's nobody I could have been mad at, besides the other driver. I really hope your father feels better. I'm glad your ok. Love J

Posted by Chikoo

Dear Kamsi,I know probably you won't get to read this but I hope you really get a chance to see how sorry I am. I know we might never see each other again but I hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me. My food are tears of being a fool to lose. Whether it was manipulations I cant tell. I know you are hurt by everything I did starting with kene and I know you won't ever forgive me. I just feel like telling you how I really feel. My world is upside down and I hope you return to the Kamsi you had been before. I realized too late that I didn't want to lose you.