Never My Heart Will Change

by Angelique S. Noble

August 20,2011...a few days before our anniversary...

Dear Dhie,
I was thinking of another way to show you my sincerity. I am trying this one out hoping it could work and show you how much I care.

So..I'm sorry for being so inconsiderate last night and for the other days that have passed.

I may not be the perfect girlfriend but I'm still the girl you used to know. My mind switches and changes but never my heart. So please let me know that you will always believe me when I say that I will love you no matter what.

I never realized how lucky I am to have you until you showed me how you've changed. Sorry I am too busy with a lot of things that I sometimes tend to forget the little things about us.

And worse, I must confess that when I unintentionally do wrong to you,(for example... not to keep in touch, failure to inform you where I am...) I just say to myself that you need to feel the way that I felt before and that you deserve it. But I know that doesn't make sense at all, right?

That's why I feel guilty for being so unfair every time that I am... but if you are willing to forgive me (I know you already did).. please don't get tired of giving me the chance to prove to you that I love you. Because I know that you are always doing your your best too to be the right one for me.

I can't imagine my life without you anymore.

Dhie, I'll never give up on us. Will you still love me in the morning, Kwek?
Efifi (I love you),

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by: Anonymous

I'm sorry too mhie....dhie 17

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