A Cute Song.

by Christine

Okay, so I did some things that hurt the love of my life. We aren't together at the moment, but we both still make it known to each other that we still are in love, and want to spend the rest of forever together.

Last year, after he dumped me, I got kind of reckless and dated a bunch of losers. I didn't realize at the time that it hurt him, because he is not a great communicator. I really want to be in a committed relationship with him again, but I know I need to apologize for what I did.

He is a musician, and he knows that I am musically incapable. So, as a surprise, I wrote him an apology song, and it ends with me asking him to be my boyfriend. Also, I took romantic pictures, wrote down at least 200 reasons why I love him, and am writing a journal of letters. I might also bake some cookies too...But since he is on a cruise with his family, I am going to have to surprise him when he gets back.

I don't know how successful it will be, but I hope it works out. Please send me your luck!

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by: Ololade

Go for the gold dearie, do NOT change your mind at it. You have a very great idea, it's left to you to accomplish it. But remember u can't do it all alone, put God first. Tell him how much you miss his kiss, his passionate hugs and everything. Always remember it is well even in the WELL

by: Anonymous

We all fight through hard times and I really congratulate you on pushing through your hard time and doing what you thought you were incapable of and writing him a song. It all is amazing and I hope that it all ends up wonderful for you
-forever may love last!

Good luck!
by: Mel

That sounds lovely! I really hope it works for you!
Good luck!

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