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A Long Overdue Apology

by Chase
(Boise, ID)

To Mariah W... I know you will probably never see this. But I need to say it. I'm sorry for everything I did and hurting you in high school. I was a naïve stupid teenager who couldn't see what was in front of him. I was a jerk and immature and I truly am sorry for how I treated you and lied to you.

But I was a teenager..... A child who didn't know better when it came to relationships. I know now I was in the wrong and that our problems were mostly my fault.

I didn't trust you or listen to you and for that I am sorry.

I know you had a messed up past and that trusting guys was hard for you. And I know I made it worse.

I know your aren't doing too well right now and I hope you do get better someday. Regardless of how things turned out there will always be a spot in me that does care about you and your well being.

I know life has been hard on you and you deserve better. I just hope it does get better.

I'm truly sorry for how I hurt you and hope some day you can forgive me. I don't know if I am part of the reason you aren't doing so well and I hope if you do find this that it might help you in a healing process.

I wish you the best and hope someday you will find true happiness.

If you ever need a ear to listen to you I am here.


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Well, I read it.
by: Mariah

Randomly came across this and, well, didn't expect to see or read anything like this after all these years.

I need to do the same and apologize.
by: S. was too early for our relationship or friendship, whatever you call it!

At that age,to understand what is love was truly bizarre. I know you will never read this but so many things happened to me. So many mental and physical pressures and tortures went through my life.

My life was made hell and I never understood why these things happened to me. I always thought the way I was suffering mirrored your life.

Were these same things happening in your life too? Were you also unhappy? Were you dear? I don't know!

I still don't know. I know nothing but believe in my own thoughts about how things went. If you had to suffer anything because of me then I beg for your forgiveness.

I need to apologize. I know you will never read this,
but if you do read this, I want to say, I loved you. I loved you so much but that means nothing today. I wish I had told you then. I wish I could tell you then...

I am sorry...

Be happy wherever you are... In whatever you do. My prayers are always with you and I truly hope you find the happiness you so deserve.


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