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The Apology Board is a listing of sorry messages sent in by our readers. Some of the apology messages are profound, emotional, and heartfelt while others are simply expressions of regret.

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By posting your own sorry message to a place where others have shared their remorse, reminds us all that we're human and we all make mistakes. Posting an apology message for the world to see won't undo the wrong but it can make us feel better by sharing our thoughts and feelings with others who find themselves in a similar situation.

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Posted by Charleigh

To M: M, if I’m being completely honest you and I have always had a problem being friends, you had issues at home and so did I, but when you started forcing me to do things that I didn’t want to that’s where I drew the line, which I didn’t realize is when you needed me most.

I hope you know you still have a special place in my heart and I will always love you no matter the circumstances.

To Ella: E, I'm sorry for saying things about you behind your back. There's no excuse and honestly I can't really deny it. I hope you know even though I said that you were a bad friend that I still love you and I regret saying those things every day.

To B: I would say your name but I'm afraid I’m going to make this too obvious. B, you were the absolute best boyfriend I could’ve asked for. You did make weird comments about me and my friends but I for some reason didn’t care. I love you still and I miss you so much.

I wanted to confess that I was stupid and made mistakes when I was with you that I would never do again and I'm sorry for being so rude after the breakup.

To all of you: I love you so much and I want to be okay with each other, not enemies. We don't have to be friends, trust that I don't want to be anymore *lmao* that wouldn’t end well… but I do love you all so much and thank you for everything.

Posted by Anonymous

I said some things in a chat server that I shouldn’t have said. I thought I was talking to adults when I said those things and missed the message where those in the server revealed they weren’t adults.

If I had known, I never would have said what I’ve said. I need the world to know I didn’t hurt anyone nor have the intention. I should have been more careful. I was abused online as a child and I never want to do the same to anyone else.

I've been in therapy for a while now. I’ve gained some severe OCD. I’m genuinely sorry. I’ve made sure I can’t make this mistake again. I hope if the people I’m apologizing to can see this, you can forgive me. I know I’m not owed it. I lost contact a while ago with these people.

I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry...

Posted by Genesis [Los Angeles]

As I lay here in my bed recalling all that I've learned, I am thinking about all that you and I have experienced and been through together (good and bad) and my actions of the past.

I am incredibly embarrassed and ashamed for all the bad that I've said and done, all the arguing and yelling, more importantly the embarrassment and unequivocal hurt and sadness I have caused you.

It's so hard to think of the tremendous damage I have caused to break apart every good thing you were trying to build for us, for our future.

I was feeling hurt and lost in our relationship, with the arguing and disagreeing and was feeling threatened by mention of Marlon and other worries on my mind. And not knowing exactly how to reach out to you and talk to you made me feel lost.

Those are just my feelings and not excuses or blame. I take full responsibility for what I have done, and do truly want what is best for the entirety of you.

Posted by Rae [Edinburgh]

I’m sorry that I can’t be the person that everyone wants me to be, for not catching up with the standards and hurting myself. For being who I am, nonbinary and mentally not well even tho I’m trying it seems like it doesn’t work. I’m trying so hard and I still fail.

I’m sorry for my partner because I can be complicated and exhausting. I’m sorry for taking up space even though I don’t think I deserve to be here and getting help…

I’m so so sorry for putting people through struggles because I just can’t seem to get better. I’m sorry for letting people down. I can’t seem to get myself together even if I’m trying, even if I put in the whole work. I’m sorry for everything that's happened.

Posted by Shaun W.

I am sorry for being too weak to be the man I needed to be. I love you with all my heart and I wont give up on you til the day I die. I will get stronger and be there for you the way you need me to be

Posted by Nick

When I was a young, unsure kid, already being picked on and bullied myself... I chose to tease two female classmates for being lesbians and never really let up.

No excuses, this was 1987/88, one I believe was named Heather, can't recall her friends name. Being bullied myself was no excuse, I think I just didn't want to feel like I was the bottom of the totem pole.

I am very sorry that it took me too long to realize how to treat others. I am very sorry.

Posted by Eliza Doolittle

Mr Higgins, I'm two people. One loves you. The other cannot trust.

I don't like that. I wish I could love you all the time.

I waited so long for you. Why did we have to go thru so much? Why did it have to be so confused and messy? I'm a good person that dealt with an enormous amount of new experiences that were hard to understand.

Do people really understand when it happens to them? At least you tried something different. I applaud you for that. I know it was tough for all of us. Maybe it was fun for others but never did I think you were laughing.

Please forgive my addiction, my sarcasm, my blindness. It will take time to fix. I miss you.

Posted by Franek from Polska

Igor...Pisałem do kogoś innego i kłamałem.

Przepraszam, że nie powiedziałem Ci, że pisałem do kogoś innego dodatkowo bez twojej zgody. Nie chcę, aby to się powtórzyło. Chcę abyś dał mi jeszcze jedną szansę, którą będę mógł naprawdę wykorzystać, a nie jak robiłem to dotychczas.

Przepraszam za to wszystko. Przepraszam, że robiłem to bez twojej zgody i wiedzy. Wiem, że naprawdę źle zrobiłem. Gdybym naprawdę Cię nie chciał, nie pisałbym do Ciebie ciągle. Proszę Cię, daj mi szansę. Wiem, że ci na mnie zależy. Mimo, że na to nie wygląda, mi na Tobie też. Przepraszam.

Usunąłem już konto na messengerze. Wiem, że powinienem to zrobić o wiele szybciej. Nie zrobię tego już nigdy. Gdybyś to Ty zrobił co ja, na pewno nie byłbym szczęśliwy. Nie pomyślę już nawet o niczym innym niż o Tobie. Chcę być z Tobą tylko ja i Ty. Chcę, żebyś został moim bobaskiem na zawsze. Chcę abyś spróbował jeszcze raz ze mną.

Posted by Alexandria from Milwaukee, WI

My Dear Indian Dude...I'm emotional and super pregnant. I apologize if I have been mean and crazy. I know it's been a long journey and everyday it seems to get worse.

I'm really hungry and I feel so alone going through all of this. I wish I could hug you and that you could make me corn. I wish you were here to support me. Hope you can accept my apology and understand that it gets lonely sometimes.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm sorry I know I'm not the best person. But because I'm not the best person that doesn’t excuse my faults.

I sincerely apologize to anyone I've ever met. I'm sorry for being rude to you, I'm sorry for hurting you physically, I'm sorry for calling you mean names, I'm sorry for not being there.

I'm sorry I forgot, I'm sorry for stealing, I'm sorry for being negative, I'm sorry for judging, I'm sorry for taking out my anger and resentment towards you. I'm sorry for breaking promises, I'm sorry for lying, I'm sorry for disloyalty.

I'm sorry I hide away when things get hard, I'm sorry I pushed you away. I'm sorry for not being a good person, sister, daughter, gf. I'm sorry for not being patient and kind, I'm sorry for talking back and disrespecting you. I'm sorry for all the times I ignored you because I was upset, I'm sorry for yelling at you.

I want to apologize to myself too: I'm sorry I stopped taking care of you, I'm sorry for not being patient and kind to myself. I’m sorry for not keeping my promises to myself, I'm sorry for hurting and hitting you. I'm sorry for putting so much pressure on you, I'm sorry for not letting you be a human, I'm sorry for forgetting you.

I’m so very sorry to everyone and everything.

Posted by 'D'

I did it again. I let you down and I'm sorry. I don't know why I did it - weakness obviously, but maybe there's just some self-destructive streak that lives inside me. I don't want to make excuses though, I just want to be better going forward. If you'll let me. I'm so sorry.

Posted by Nikki

When I was 19, I was horribly mean to a woman I didn't know. I was degrading and demeaning to her and the hypocrisy is even more disgusting because she and I were the same. I have carried this with me for 25 years and it’s time to let go.

I am so terribly sorry and truly hope you had a carefree and happy life. Again, I am so, sorry for being so cruel to you.

Posted by Amy

It has been nearly a year since we last spoke. I know how wrong I was, and to never talk to you again hurts more than anything else. I'm sorry I turned a friend I absolutely adored into a stranger. I'm sorry I betrayed your trust and realize you are the only you there is.

I wish I had a better explanation, but I just wanted to spend all the time I could with you. I miss your smile, I miss your jokes and laughter and friendship. Now it's gone.

I think of this every day. I should have respected you more. I should have respected your boundaries. I didn't mean to cause any pain. I'm truly sorry.

Posted by Matej

Prepac, ze som taky nezodpovedny a necitlivy clovek. A mrzi ma, ze najviac kvoli tomu trpis vzdy ty, aj ked si ten posledny clovek, ktoremu chcem ublizit. A tiez ma mrzi, ked nemam pre teba pochopenie; potom ma to nici, vzdy ked sa nepozeras.

Asi to tatko vyznelo cudne, ale dufam ze to so mnou este zvladnes.

tvoj M xo

Posted by Anonymous

I need to apologize to the person I kept after class for refusing to do sit-ups with the remaining class. I kept you after class and required you to do numerous sit-ups after the class left. This was close to the end of the day.

I’m sorry, have felt terribly about this for many, many years and can only hope you can forgive my actions after such a long period of time. The principal reprimanded me after school after hearing what I had done. An apology also needs to be given for and to the principal of the school.

Posted by Éric

Je m'excuse d'avoir manqué de patience envers un monsieur âgé aujourd'hui. Il voulait simplement parler de sa vie, son vécu, son expérience et moi j'ai complètement manqué de patience au début. Lui et sa madâme sont un couple vraiement extraordinaire qui ont travaillé très fort, tous les deux. Ils auraient mérité un peu plus de patience et de compréhension de ma part. Je leur souhaite une merveilleuse vie et une excellente retraite. Un gros merci d'avoir magasiné et de m'avoir parlé chez Walmarts aujourd'hui.-Éric

Posted by Aileena

Mylah, I am terribly sorry for the way I treated you. I called you selfish and a liar, and you are neither of those at all. I was just…not having a very good day.

You are like a SISTER in my world. I love you so much, bestie, so please forgive me. I was such a jerk. I made you CRY for God’s sake. What was I thinking? What made me think I should just hurt my friend’s heart SO MUCH that they didn’t want to be my friend anymore at all?

I am such a horrible friend and I do not and cannot expect you to forgive me for my unnaceptable behavior. I was about to hit myself on the head with a brick. I was so stupid.

Please forgive me. I love you so much. You can count on me like one, two, three I'll be there... And I know when I need it, I can count on you like four, three, two... And you'll be there 'Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh, yeah'

Posted by Very Rude Woman

This is the very rude woman at the Creation Museum in Kentucky, USA at around 1pm on September 13, 2022 posting this.

To the woman at the Creation Museum in Kentucky: I am truly and deeply sorry for what I did and I was snippy and rude to you. You were only trying to get by me and take a picture and I yelled at you for 'cutting' even though you never did. I am hoping that God will help you see this message; for I am so sorry. Please forgive me.

Posted by Lotus

I am deeply sorry for the sadness and pain that I have caused you in the past. I was acting like a jerk, and the way I treated you was completely and utterly unacceptable. I ask that you forgive me for my mistakes. I hope that you will understand that I am very regretful for hurting you, one of God’s beloved angels.

You are my favorite person in the world, and I do not expect you to forgive me for what I have done, but I hope that you will. I am sorry.

Posted by DB

I know I should’ve done this sooner but I just wanted to reach out to you and apologize for being an absolutely horrible person and hurting you, out of everyone. I wish I would’ve handled things in a completely different way and I carry such shame because of the bullsh*t I put you through and the way you had to find out.

I’m not asking for us to ever be together again or even be in each other’s lives but I want you to know that I am deeply sorry and it’s one, if not my biggest regret ever. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry. I hope you are doing well in your life/career and that you are happy. -The Dumb Bitch who Cheated

Posted by Mo

Frances aking mahal....Not thinking before I said those things. I said those hurtful things that I shouldn't have even thought in the first place, and made you feel miserable.

Sorry mahal, I will never do that again. I will do better to always be mindful and make you feel more loved and appreciated.

Gusto ko lang talaga makabawi sa mga nasabi at nagawa ko. May you feel the sincerity of my apology. I’m very sorry for hurting you so much mahal. I’m sorry for the hurting words that came out of my mouth.

I will always think before I act. I will not be selfish. I will change for the better. I will always think of you first before me. I will be more thoughtful and sincere. I want to become better for you and for us.

Mahal na mahal kita. Ayoko nasasaktan kita and napapalungkot. Gagawin ko lahat para happy ka at babawi ako mahal sa lahat ng magagandang nagagawa mo for me and us. Thankful ako sa'yo and sa kung ano ka. You're a blessing, the best blessing na nakuha ko.

Posted by Ranma

sorry na mamimiss lang kita, gusto kasi kita makasama everyday and pag naghihiwalay na tayo nagtotopak na ko kasi di ko alam di ko din maintindihan basta alam ko lang mahal na mahal kita and di ko alam pano ka suyuin minsan kasi naman ansunget sunget mo eh tas hirap mo suyuin minsan pero cute ka naman kaya okay lang tsaka love naman kita kaya okay lang kaya sorry na baby kong masunget na maganda.

Posted by Jonatan

Dear A... I'm sorry for everything. You have meant the world to me for almost a decade now and you still do.

I wish things were different. I wish I was different. But I guess I am not. And now we have to go our separate ways.

I hope I will someday look back at this period with grace and gratefulness towards you, for making the decision you have made. Maybe it will help me grow in the long run. As for now, I'm devastated. And I will probably be for a while.

But I am not angry at you, I almost never was, and I think you know that. Still I wish we could stay the way we were. It hurts. I'm afraid to be alone. I'm afraid to leave you alone. It sounds so immature to say that, but it's true. I am so sorry. And I wish you all the best.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm sorry for being such a heartless b*tch. The first time I saw him, I wasn't sure what to make of him. But somehow along the way I ended up liking him which in hindsight really was infatuation. Anyways when we ended up ending things, instead of redirecting my anger at him I directed it at you, and you did not deserve what I did to you.

I harassed you online, I wrote demeaning things that you did not deserve. I called you names, I made fun of your bi-polar disorder and that for me is the most distasteful disgusting thing I ever did to you. I am so sorry for doing that to you, I don't deserve your forgiveness.

I am sorry.

Posted by Mayar

I'm sorry for not being patient with you when you were upset. I'm sorry for not realizing sooner that you were sincerely the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm sorry for completely forgetting that I loved you so much I would’ve given my life and soul to see you smile.

I wish you realized all of this too and we could’ve had our happier second chance. I really loved you. And although you hate me now I still love the face I’ve loved before and the arms I’ve been in before.

Posted by Abdel

Hey Nanou.. I wanted to tell you that you’re right and you've always been right. I made so many promises to you and for our relationship. I gave you so much hope and dreamscapes. When in fact the worst boyfriend ever. Words can’t even explain how much I'm sorry for ruining your life Nanou.

Yeah you’re right, our relationship is not a REAL relationship.

I'm sorry love. I'm sorry. I'm sooo sorry OMG. It hurts so freaking bad to watch your heart burn.

I just want you to know that I'm okay for you to leave me. I wouldn’t be mad or anything because you deserve way better than me. So much better.

You’re a really beautiful girl, kind, mature, understandable, lovely. Thank you so much. You helped me so much. I won’t ever forget what you’ve done for me and for our relationship. I freaking love you. I love you so much, I'm literally in tears. Thank you for loving me even though I'm garbage. I hurt you so many times in so many ways. Trust me it will always burns my heart. Im soooo sorry.

Posted by Lolis

Sisters are forever! I am sorry for causing the riff between us. I have missed interacting with you and sharing life with you. Please forgive me if I hurt you with my words or actions. If you ever want to be sisters-friends again, all you need to do is call. I just want to tell you that I love you. Your forever sister.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear D... This is a past due apology. I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to apologize for everything I put you through and for not reaching out sooner.

You were such a good friend to me way before we ever dated and I’m so ashamed to have done that to you. For me to accumulate a drug problem knowing your family history with it and for me to let it hurt our relationship like that is the biggest regret of my life.

I have dreams of how things would’ve played out if I didn’t mess it all up. I wish you nothing but the best. -Lasagna

Posted by Peach

From the moment we met back in 2017, you were this spark in my dull life and I'd have never imagined we'd become so close like we were before.

I'm sorry for hurting you and leading you on. I should have known better. I think that deep down I did want to be with you but I was too scared to change things: how could I leave the person I am with now?

What if we wouldn't work out and I'd lose our friendship forever? You were willing to wait but the more and more I thought about myself, I realised that I'm a selfish, mean, and spiteful person, who really has a hard time trusting others.

I would have only hurt you even more. Please try to understand that.

Sometimes late in the middle of night I think what would have happened if I did take that leap. I know you'll find someone better and you'll be okay so I guess that's that. I'm also sorry for losing touch with you but when you did not message me, I had thoughts that you told all of your friends about me and what happened between us and that they all disliked me and were talking sh*t about me behind my back and you were participating along side them even though it couldn't possibly be true right?

I just couldn't pretend to be ignorant of what was happening. I had to leave. I'm okay with being alone, it's not as scary anymore. We were just unlucky and liked each other at the wrong times or maybe we were just not meant to be.

Posted by M.L.

Jessamine, I am truly sorry. It's been over 25 years. I was immature and stupid. You were amazing. I was just stupid and didn't know what I had. There was no malice on my part -- I was just horribly stupid and immature, and in retrospect I realize how awful I treated you. I am sorry. The way I treated you was the worst thing I've ever done. I hope your life after me has been awesome -- you deserve it. I doubt you will ever see this. I wish I knew how to let you know. Namaste.

Posted by Rude Woman with Shy Kid at Strathcona Wilderness Center

To the woman and man cross-country skiing at the Strathcona Wilderness Center on Saturday January 15th 2022 around 1pm: I sincerely apologize for being snippy and rude to you.

I was mad at myself for my mistake on where we'd be allowed to walk and I had no right to take it out on you. I explained to my kid that I was in the wrong.

I wish we had run into you before we headed home so I could have apologized to you in person. I'm posting here with hope The Universe will help this message reach you. Please accept this as my sincere and heartfelt apology for my unacceptable behavior today. Thank you.

Posted by M.G.

Shona I am so sorry for today. I did not know what you were going through today and I did not at all mean to add on to it. I should've been more considerate and thoughtful and just more smart. I shouldn't have threw the bag away. Let me take the bracelet back Shona and let me get you a better one. Don't worry if the returning thing works or not. I'll take care of it my love. I'll take care of you baby.

Posted by Nick (A Shattered Apology)

Hey Christian....This is Nick, I want to apologize for dropping your "prized possession" glass. It was very irresponsible of me and I am very sorry.

I feel like I haven't been there for you as much and that's on me. I strive to improve as a person everyday and that goes hand-in-hand with treating your friends with respect and watching out for them.

Last night I disrespected you by dropping the glass. Although accidents happen, many of them can usually be prevented. It is Wednesday today and I believe there is still time to turn this week around. Just thought a written apology would help enforce my sorrowful emotions for what is now a glass that you will never drink out of again, rest in piece, and may god be with you all.

Posted by LC 99

I am sorry for what I did to you, please forgive me. I still, and will forever need you in my life. Love you.

Posted by Emmalee

Hey kennedy, I'm sorry for always canceling plans with you. You know I love you and I know I've been a sh*tty friend at times. I want to take the time to say I'm sorry because I'm not always right and I'm not always nice to you. I appreciate you more than you will ever know.

Posted by Alex

Caitlin, I'm really sorry for the fact that were always getting into fights over me saying something that hurts you. Writing this has made me realise how much of a b*tch I am!

I'm surprised that you could forgive me for all the other times! So anyways I'm really sorry that I told you that you should die, I have myself have had suicidal thoughts, (and I'm not saying you do idk if u do or don't) and I know what place that puts you in. Having told you that you should die was a joke, but I can see how it doesn't seem like a joke and how violent of me it was to say that. So Caitlin I'm really sorry for telling you that and if you don't want to forgive me now or at all, I can see why. I just hope that you read this. -Alex

Posted by Anonymous

I'm sorry for invalidating your feelings. I did not really mean to do it. I was just trying to help you out because a lot of people would rub you the wrong way. The means of it though was completely wrong and irresponsible for me.

I'm not really good at making it up and I'm not sure how to but I am trying.

I'm sorry if you really felt that way. I was the one who was being insensitive and I hope that even if you are mad, you would forgive me later on. I know that cracks can't be easily fixed but I hope I could at least make you feel better. I'll be better next time.

Posted by Naasira

I want to say sorry to her. Sorry for not taking care of her. For feeling unworthy, for putting others before her. For prioritizing others happiness. For always feeling like the bad person. For forgiving too easily. For not being expressive. For keeping everything inside. For not getting to know her. For always being too nice. For never healing that little girl inside... Who just wants to feel loved. I'm sorry.

Posted by Jonas

Dear everyone, I apologize for all the things I’ve done to you, for all the fakes I tried selling, for all the bad things I posted. I will do my best to not redo these mistakes. And I hope you can forgive me.

Posted by Mackenzie

I'm sorry for hurting you Trex. I miss talking to you. I didn't intend for what I said to be taken that way AT ALL and I'd chop off my left hand (my best one) to go back and time and just not say that.

If I made you feel as if you can't tell me certain things because I don't care, I care a great amount. I love hearing about anything you have to say. Even if you repeated the same thing over to me 30x a day without change I'd still listen happily because I enjoy seeing you write whatever is on your mind and I love you.

Whenever you are hurt and upset by me it makes me want to vomit. Please forgive me -Mackenzie

Posted by John

To Springbokgirlie... This isn't how I wanted to do this, but here goes, it's been a long time since I last saw you and I wanted to apologise for what happened between us.

You didn't deserve it, nor did your family.

To this day it plays on my mind that I hurt someone that I truly loved, I didn't want it to happen, but unfortunately it happened. And I will have to live with that for the rest of my life.

I hope everything with you and your family is great. I hope the kids excel at everything they put there minds too. You are always on my mind, and I just wanted you to know that I will always love you. Sorry once again for everything. John

Posted by M.

I am really sorry S., I deeply regret my behavior and action and want to make it right. Thank you for giving me another chance. I really really love you a-lot and miss you more than I can express.

You have always been my support and I am sorry to have let you down.

I hope you can forgive me someday and just know you are the best thing to ever happen to me. I don’t think anyone cares for me as much as you do or for that fact even fights with me :) Just kidding

You are the love of my life and my soulmate. So my love I am writing this letter to gain your trust over me and an acceptance of my apology though you can definitely take your time and completely understand your pain and I feel horrible for being the person behind all of it.

I will try my best to fix it because you are my best person and I love you with all my heart. I am sorry for the pain my actions have caused you and just know I am super proud and happy of you. You are the best partner anyone would be happy to get and I am happy I have you.

We have our misunderstandings but I want to go past them and make sure you know that I love you a-lot and I am really very sorry.

Posted by Selfiediva

My darling, I'm sorry I could not love you the way you loved me, sorry I was so cold to you, sorry for pushing you away so many times, sorry for doubting your love for me.

Darling I'm sorry I couldn't trust you enough to completely give you my heart because I was scared of heartbreak what was I even thinking?

Why did it take me a long time to realise I loved you? I know it's late now to win you back but I hope you forgive me and love me once again.

Posted by Anonymous

Dearest Therese, I am so sorry I did not follow up with you about the job. But I am not sorry that I took care of my health. But I am sorry that I left you wondering, what my decision was. But, I am not sorry, that I took a break.

I am sorry to all my coworkers, who I left wondering, what happened to me as well, because everyone deserves closure, but sometimes things just need to end. I wish I had carried the lesson into future events. I hope you are beyond well, I know you are, and Ashley as well. I hope she is doing good.

Posted by Anonymous

A much needed apology to the prettiest Gemini in the world. I'm still hungover but fighting the keyboard to express how sorry I am. I done effed up.

If I was Bukowski I'd write you a poem, if I was Michelangelo I'd paint you a chapel. But my only talent is finding obscure websites on the internet.

Posted by MFM

I’m sorry BCW...It's been nearly three years since I cheated on you. I broke your heart.

Not a single day goes by where I don't feel guilty for hurting you.You were a kind person to me and I took advantage of you.

Although, we have both moved on from each other (I am married to the person I left you for) and (you are still with the girl I was always worried about) I still feel the need to apologize as every night I dream about how bad I hurt you.

Although I have no feelings for you anymore, the guilt of my actions rips me apart.

I hope that you know I am sorry for my wrong doings and I wish I could tell you face to face but I don't want the drama associated with that. I wish you the absolute best in life BCW.

Posted by Mike

To Darren... I don't know your last name. When I was younger I had someone I was friends with who spoke for me but without my knowledge or consent (I never expressed this to him either).

He went to you and said that neither of us liked you. And that we didn't want you around! I regret not going to right this absolute wrong. It was not true, not at all!

I truly hope that you were not horribly impacted by this, but if you were then I am sooo sorry. This doesn't make anything okay.

I hope to find you one day and make this right. I knew you in Taylorsville Utah. You were someone I actually did like, I should have been there for you and stood up for you. I really am so sorry.

Posted by Anonymous

This heartfelt apology goes out to a student I went to school with when I was growing up in Dearborn, MI by the name of Mark Grimm.

Mark was a good kid who unfortunately was born with a lame arm that left him open to relentless ridicule by the well-known "bullies" in the school who shall remain nameless as well.

The truth is that I would sometimes say hurtful things to Mark in an effort (dumb) to be cool an accepted by the a-hole bullies that sometimes went after me.

This was wrong I know now how stupid and hurtful this was to Mark and I wish with all my heart that I could go back in time and stop my foolish behavior, but I can't.

Forty years later it's my sincere wish that Mark has found peace & success in life and has a wonderful family and group of friends that don't judge him based on his outward appearance, but rather his character.

Mark, I pray to God that you would find it in your heart to forgive me, but I understand if you can't. May God's unfailing love help you through life's many troubles and strengthen you in the face of adversity.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm sorry Luke for being so negative all the time, for being so stupid.. I'm too childish but I’m so lucky to be with you, yet I'm so sorry for all those times I’ve been mad at you.

I don't mean to but you understand that I do have anger issues, and it's hard for me to control.

I really hope we can move past these arguments and all the negativity one day and be together, in person again! I promise that everything will be okay soon and much better than before.. I love you so much I really do. I just wanted to say sorry for all those times... I love you.

Posted by Anonymous

I know it has been 20+ years, but I still live with this guilt for hurting you and making your future relationships difficult.

I was wrong for not telling you the truth about my sexual history. I am truly sorry. Since our time together, I have done better.

I have been honest with all men about my past and learned the importance of transparency and honesty. I was always careful after you and proactive about my health. I know that doesn't change what I did to you, but I want you to know that I am sorry.

It wasn't fair to you or your now wife. I hope you were able to heal properly and trust others after me.

Posted by Matt B.

To my first true love, Katie: Years ago I made a mistake that will haunt me till the end of my days.

Twix... I'm sorry for being so blind and deaf to all the signs that she didnt give two sh*ts about me. I threw away your love for a trash human being and the MINUTE I GOT ANOTHER CHANCE TO CHANGE IT ALL I WAS SELFISH AND ONLY THOUGHT ABOUT ME AND NOW...

I can't even tell you all the things I should have. When I see you, I will. And then, I'll walk away.

I'll walk away before I show my true colors as the selfish piece of sh*t that I am. It's all I know how to do.

I've got no right to ask for your forgiveness, so when I see you again, I won't. I'll just spend the rest of eternity making sure you know how much you mean to me and everyone else that loves you just as much. I love you Twix. I always will. See you soon.

Posted by Matt B.

To Carl: I can't help but remember all the times we said we wouldn't miss each other, but what I would give to not miss you from across the world intead of this.

I don't deserve to talk about you let alone care enough to try to apologize, but I am. Much too late.

I should've kept in touch with you. I'd make damn sure you stuck around and saw that things could get better.

You gave me purpose in ways I can't get you to understand. You inspired me to get over my own stupidity. Not many people tried doing that.

You were gonna be a better Marine than I ever was without even trying. You were my A gunner and you had my back and I failed you. You deserved better. Hell you deserved my life. I'd trade it in a heartbeat if I could I swear.

We love you brother. Always have. My only hope now is that you can forgive me. Because God knows I can't.

Posted by Matt B.

To Jonah: You are strong as an ox and smart as a whip. You are a kind soul and probably the only friend I've never compalined about lol.

I remember the last time we saw each other. I should've told you that. I should've supported you and gave you an address or got yours to send you a letter about how proud we all were.

You were never alone, but the thought that you may have felt that way breaks my heart. I hope you're reading this right now. Over my shoulder (rude lol jk).

I can't promise I'll forgive myself, because I know I won't, but I promise to try. Because if I had the chance to say all this, I know you'd tell me everything was ok and that you weren't mad about it. That it was cool...

I'll never forget you buddy. I'm sorry. See you soon.

Posted by Feli

I'm sorry. I understand it was my fault and I shouldn't have done that. I regret ever doing that. I thought I could trust her with it. I'm not going to shift the blame on her because I get that it's my fault. I'm not gonna lie to you anymore so I'll just be honest.

Her and I aren't anything more than friends. I don't care if she has feelings for me or not because I, for sure, do not and have never felt the same for her.

You are nowhere close to being ugly so please don't be insecure about yourself. Again, I'm so sorry. And I understand if you prefer to leave me after this, I completely respect that. I regret ever trusting her, I'm sorry. If it makes you feel any better, I'll leave you alone from now on.

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