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The Apology Board is a listing of sorry messages sent in by our readers. Some are profound and truly heartfelt while others are simply expressions of regret.

By posting a message about how sorry you are to a place where others have shared their remorse, reminds us all that we're human and we all make mistakes. Posting an apology for the world to see won't undo the wrong but it can make us feel better by sharing our thoughts and feelings with others who find themselves in similar situations.

Need to say sorry for something you've done? Then... Post your own message to the apology board!

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Posted by Anonymous

I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasnt there for you brother. I know things didn't turn out so well for us from the beginning. I would have done anything to change it but I wasn't there. I would have done anything to change things!!! I can't do it anymore. I'm leaving again, I am so so sorry ........ Goodbye.

Please forgive me brother, I'm so sorry. I can't take it anymore.

Posted by Alister R.

Dear Leah... I'm sorry for being very rude to you last night. But now I've realised my mistake... And now know that you really care for me. Love you my dearest friend... Yours faithful... Alister

Posted by Crystal

J, I'm sorry for lashing out on you so many times when you did nothing but accept and love me. I wish I could tell you I'm sorry and tell you how much I miss you. If I could go back in time, I'd change all of those things I said out of anger and insecurity. I know you've always wished the best for me and encouraged me to be a more positive person - hopefully I will be all of those things if/when we meet again... I'm truly sorry. I wish you knew, and I wish I had the courage to say this to you in person.

Posted by Shannon

I'm sorry I tried to force us into a relationship, I have just never met someone so perfect for me, or that I feel so comfortable around. I'm sorry that I've done things that have upset you. I'm sorry that I told you I loved you, I know that was alot to spring on you. I'm sorry that I poured my heart out to you.

Most of these things happened while I was drunk and that's why I got sober. I care more about you than I do myself. And if I could just have you back in my life, even as just a friend, I promise I'll be myself. I'll be that girl you loved to be around again. I'll never ever give up hope for you. I need you.

Posted by Miss Chalander Bong

Dear Joey, I'm truly sorry if I overstepped in any way these past few months. I want you to know that I'm not trying to impede, invade or complicate your already very full life. I'm not sure how to navigate this relationship into a reality that works for us both.

I have discovered that I quite simply love you and want you to know that there's no obligation for you to feel the same way or to be someone you're not to please me. I want you to feel free! Your reality is important to you and I would never do anything to rock the boat or cause you any grief. I also don't expect you to feel the same way for me as you once may have. I wish I hadn't had my head in the sand for soo long.

My troubled background had numbed me, so when I found friendship & companionship, I confused it for love. (That said the love and friendship you can have for a companion is also very real, just not the same crazy overwhelming and lustful thing as romantic love) So when something true came along I simply didn't comprehend it. Instead I thought I was crazy, which totally messed me up for quite some time. I may not front what I feel, but I felt deeply tortured by my emotions and attraction for you and have never admitted this to another soul - not even to myself for the longest time. Then to discover how you felt for me once, shook me to the core.

I don't know how to contact you directly without making things difficult so here I am on this site pouring my heart out. I don't want to hurt anyone - my "harm none philosophy" is my reality and I really hope that I can enact change in a way that works out for everyone without hurting anyone. If this complicates things too much, let's just love each other from afar. I only want the best for you!! Love, Rachel

Posted by Summer

Mum and Dad, I'm so sorry. I'm always so selfish and I never know when to stop asking, even after you've said 'no'. I've now learned that there's probably a reason why you're declining. I know it's my fault. It's my fault that Dad won't be spending New Year's the way he wanted to. It's my fault that Mum has to start 2018 by cooking and cleaning and entertaining a family she doesn't like. I should have stopped asking. I was so selfish. I didn't consider the alternatives, and I didn't consider how uncomfortable you would be in the situation. I'm sorry. I wanted to start 2018 off the right way, and now it looks like things couldn't be more wrong. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Posted by Abdul

To Karys, I really really didn’t mean to annoy you. Obviously we're friends and I don't wanna lose that. I'm o very sorry.

Posted by Savana

Nick, babe...I've been acting awful the past few weeks. I've been under a lot of stress and then when I finally finished school it was all gone. I guess I was so use to the chaos of my school life that I started to look for it in other places, Such as my relationship with you.

I'm so sorry. There are no words to describe how awful I feel about it. I've been such a lousy girlfriend to you. I say rude things out of anger and then regret them the next second. I wish I could explain more but I can't find the words. Your so good to me. I don't deserve anyone remotely like you. You mean everything to me.

I don't know why I try to hurt you. If I ever say something that could hurt you, it hurts me too. Then we we have our stupid arguments, usually caused by my lack of consideration, and I just die on the inside. I don't mean to be like this. I wish I could change how I feel. I'd do anything for you.

Baby, I'm so, so sorry for that. I love you. I mean it everytime I say it. I love you and I will continue to love you for as long as you will have me -love, Savana

Posted by 'K'

Crazy, Stupid, Love.... Dear N, You are my savior. I never could quite get it right before you and I. You give me the peace I've never had...the clarity I've always prayed for.

Every day, I love you. Every day, I remain ever faithful to you. Every day, I choose you.

But commitment means more than just fidelity. And these past few weeks....months even, my commitment to you has been put on the sidelines because of other commitments. And no matter how hard it's been for me, it's still no excuse.

You deserve more. You deserve the best. And I haven't been giving you that. I'm sorry, honey. To make matters worse, I disrespected someone you hold so dear to you, someone who didn't even deserve it, and by saying something that wasn't even true. I was wrong. I was stupid. I forgot myself. I'm sorry, honey.

This is more than an apology -- this is a pledge. From this day forth, I will always try to love you the way you deserve to be loved. Your biggest fan, K

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