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Below you'll find a listing of all our articles and the main sections of the website.

For a list of apologies and ideas posted by our readers and what's worked for them when they've had to say sorry, visit this page of apologies.

How to Apologize

This section teaches you about apologies and how they work in order to be effective mea culpas. Get inspired through ideas and examples on how to effectively say I’m sorry. And, you'll learn how to tailor an apology to your situation to improve your chances of success.

Ways to Apologize

Here you'll learn how to use poems, quotes, cards, and gifts to make your apologies extra special and hopefully be forgiven every time. This is a section of resources and ideas to help you make things right again.

Regret and Remorse

This section looks at the surrounding emotions often associated with apologizing and saying you're sorry.

Business Apologies

This section shows you how to tailor the perfect business apology to customers, associates, and partners through business letters and verbal communication. Read article reviews, see examples, and learn when and how to craft the perfect mea culpa for your business.  

Business Apology Letters

This section covers best practices for business apologies in general and includes samples and templates of the more common apology letters found in the workplace.

Public Apologies

It seems that everyday someone else is publicly apologizing for something. Here you'll find the latest in notable public apologies (both business and personal) along with reviews and commentaries in some cases.

Medical Apologies

This section looks at the implications of apologizing for medical errors and "I'm Sorry" laws. It includes research and commentary from the medical community and other interested parties.

Apology Research

This section cites and reviews some of the research that has been compiled by psychologists, sociologists, and public relations experts on apologizing and saying sorry. We also add in our two cents on what readers should (and should not) take away from the research on some of the mea culpas.

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