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Below you'll find a listing of apologies posted by our readers. Some offer great ideas on how to deliver an apology that may help you be more effective and increase your chances of forgiveness. So get inspired by these personal mea culpas.

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The Apology Message Board

The Apology Board is where we post short apologies and general sorry messages. You can learn a lot from these sweet sentiments or even add your own. There are dozens of pages in this section so you might as well start with the most recent. Check out our sorry message board by clicking on the link below:

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Apology Letters to Friends And Family ►

Friends and family are some of the hardest people to say sorry to because these are often the most important relationships in our lives. Most find it easier to apologize to strangers than it is to friends and family, likely because there's so much at stake. See how others have done it, what they wrote in their letters, or post your own.

Apology Letters of Love  ►

The letters below include those found on our pages on apology letters to girlfriends and boyfriends too.

Love is never having to say you're sorry? Wrong! It's more important than in any other relationship to let your partner in life know that you truly regret something you've done and posting a perfect apology online is a great start!

Miscellaneous Apologies, Ideas and Help ►

This is the place to post general apologies directed at people who aren't friends or family, or a great apology idea you want to share or some help you may need.

NOTE: If you do ask for help, make sure to give very specific details and tell the complete story about your particular situation. If you don't, or if a similar situation is covered elsewhere on the site, then we likely won't publish it.

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