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A Lover's Apology

Hey Wes, My Love, My Husband... I know that your in heaven and I miss you so much. It's almost been a year since you have gone. I know that you didn't leave my side on purpose. It was just your time to go home. I have been mad at you and everyone else including God for your leaving.

I know that I have to move on yet that has been the hardest thing for me to do. I know that it's what you would want for me.

I'm sorry for not being there for you in your final days. I'm sorry for not showing you how much I loved you while you were alive. I'm sorry for not being the wife I should have been and could have been.

All I know is that I love you, always have always will. Just wanted to say I'm sorry...Diana

An Apology from Ash...

Dear Roderic,

I know 10 million apologizes can't add up to forgiveness.

I know I mess up and make mistakes. Faulting anywhere possible. I can't bring myself to believe what's right in front of my eyes. And that's you. You're always there. My shoulder to cry on, my hand to hold, my protector in the darkness.

I find myself nagging and complaining when no fault was done on your part. I mess up and think it's your fault. I'm blaming my mistakes on you and that is never acceptable in a relationship. As I come to realize what I'm doing it breaks my heart to see how I've been reacting to you. You deserve so much more from me.

It feels like there is a rock in my throat as I am writing this. I just needed to tell you, to bring myself to spill my feelings in front of you. Show you how I feel about myself. I want you to be happy. You deserve happiness.

I hope I am the one who can deliver your happiness or what good is a lover for?

I am beginning to straighten myself and change my ways. I hope its not too late. I love you will all my heart and my life without you would be incomplete. A piece to my puzzle missing. I am praying that I am not too late.

Just know: I want to be there for you in your life. Be the one you can lean on in hard times. The one who helps you up out of the river when you have fallen in.

Our love is stronger than the many fights we encounter.

A million apologize cannot add up to one.. but forgiveness is something we all seek. I will never regret the first time we met. Becoming friends. Or become
lovers. I promise to stay by your side, and love you until eternity's end.

~Love is not a promise but a bond.

~Life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the moments you make with the ones you love.

**To my forever and always love R.J.G...3 years and still counting**


An Apology to Katie...

My Katie,

My biggest mistake was letting you walk out of that door, and making you think I didn't love you. No matter how much I was hurt by you saying you wanted to move out. Or even when I asked if you wanted to be with me, and you said no.

I should have gotten on my knees and begged you to stay. Because that's what I wanted to do. That's what I should have done. That's what I needed to do.

I loved you then and I still do. I should have been who I am and not have pretended that I wasn't dying inside. You are my world. You have been from the second you said yes to being mine.

I have loved you from the first day we knew we had feelings for each other. The best thing that ever happened to me was when you spoke to me. I knew you were just being friendly but that day changed my whole life.

I worked everyday to show you that you meant something to me then. And then we got to know each other. And I loved you. I feel in love with you when I saw who you were and how you made me feel when I was with you. You made my heart race when you smiled at me the way you do. And the way you looked at me with your beautiful green eyes, made me feel like I would never need anyone else in the world.

Everything about you made me love you more and more everyday. I wish I could have made you believe that I love you more than anything in this world.

To the moon and back. More than the universe. That's what we used to say, and that's still how I feel.. I know you know I still love you, with all of my heart. I still need my baby.

I know I need to let you go. And let you figure out what you need, and if it isn't me, then I still will love you like I always have. And with my love for you, I want you to be happy above all things.

I am sorry, Katie. You will always be my Katie in my heart. I love you the moon and back.

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