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A Misunderstanding

by Bonnie
(Fort Myers, FL, USA)

When my husband and I discovered that we needed to move (again) because we could not afford our condo in Florida I posted a message on FACEBOOK about our move.

My daughter-in-law responded by saying "I think you guys should just get a tent and go wherever you want".

I was so upset by what I considered her disrespect and felt insulted by her lack of understanding our financial situation that I responded back by writing, "I cannot believe that my daughter-in-law would say something so brazen about us."

The next thing I know, she is demanding an apology from me.

I tried to apologize by calling several times but then my son emailed me and said I should never call them again!

Should I send them a handwritten apology? The holidays are approaching and I will miss my 2 grandchildren terribly!


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Say anything
by: Anonymous

My DIL has been hostile to me since the engagement when I told my husband to stop pouring money into her poorly planned princess day.

Finally, 6 years later, we’ve had a pretty ugly blow up. It’s evident that that there is a further wedge between my son and I, and the kids are mysteriously un-engaged on the phone. I have just completed an apology letter. I hope I am big enough to say or do anything to maintain a relationship with my son and his kids.

You're daughter in law is wrong
by: Angela D.

You're daughter in law should be the one apologizing. NOT you... You did nothing wrong. How dare she even ask you to apologize... Hope all is well now.

Apology for words to daughter in law
by: Anonymous

If they won't take your calls, write and then send in the mail to your daughter-in- law an apology letter ! (Include an apology to your son too for speaking to/about his wife the way you did).

Saying you are sincerely sorry makes a world of difference!

My mother-in-law sent me a terribly hurtful and mean e-mail 19 months ago and her son (my husband) also told her not to contact us anymore! We will not take her calls or texts, as she verbally violates our boundaries. She has not had any contact with her three grandsons as a result and she has involved other family members in this mess too. Now, the entire family is estranged!

It amazes me that after being married to her son for 14 years (now 15) she would say the things she did to me and then not bother to apologize! She didn't bother to acknowledge her grandsons birthdays or at Christmas last year either.

If you love your son, you have to show that you support his choice of wife and be kind with your words. No matter what, there are certain things you just can't say to his wife if you want to keep strife out. I'm sorry, but it's true. It is important to remember that your son will cleave to his wife, not you, so you are the one who has to be on the sidelines as an advocate for your son's marriage and not to be perceived as someone trying to put his wife down or cause problems for your son or for his marriage.

Apologies are super important, and so is forgiveness.

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

Family in South Florida

Don't use Facebook
by: Anonymous

USE THE PHONE- Facebook has done so much damage to people's relationships it's unbelievable.

All because people can't convey the meaning or nature of the content in a way it's not misunderstood.

Just like this message!!

Call her!

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