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An Apology Love Letter to Tala

To My Dearest... It's been a while, months have gone by and still.. it all seems like it was yesterday. I remember the days we spent in the mountains, how we walked hand in hand in the streets, how we kissed under the pine trees, how we played and laughed under the sheets...

It's all inside my head... like how when a music box is opened, and the tune starts playing our memories. As I quietly sit here watching the still water and the sun behind the clouds, I gently whispered your name to the wind hoping it will reach you so you could hear how much I yearn for you.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. Letting you go was the hardest decision I've ever made in my life.

It's an endless torment. I love you so much, but it is what you need.. so go.. don't look back.. live your life, fall in love.. be happy... it's all i ever wanted for you.

I hope one day you find it in your heart to forgive me. You are one of the best thing that ever happened to me.. everyday with you is the music of my life.. you will always be in my heart.. so from now on I will take you with me wherever I go.

I will live my life loving you from afar, because loving you makes me stronger and made me a better person than I was.

You gave me light when I was on the edge of darkness, and for that I will be forever grateful.

So thank you. For everything...for trying, for the time, for the laughter, and for the lessons learned. You are every reason, every hope and every dream that I've ever had. You are all those things.. even if this lifetime is not for us, I will search for you in the next and I will do it all over again even if our time will be brief.. because I know deep in my heart that the purpose of my soul is to love you each and every lifetime.

So goodbye for now my love, I will remain silent. Know that I love you still.. I always have.. and I always will.

All my love...

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that was just beautiful...
by: heartbroken

I appreciate the words of another man expressing helped me understand about how my love feels, I miss him so much. Thank you. Blessed be.

by: C

To my dearest,

As time has passed, it is pretty clear that you have drifted farther away from me. I guess it is time for me to accept and acknowledge, to you and to myself..that our future has different roads to take.

I hope one day.. somehow, somewhere.. our destiny would bring us back together.. in another place or in a different lifetime.. in a time when we never had to say goodbye.

As much as it saddens me, I think it is time for me to finally say goodbye to you..

When you came into my life, you breathed life into me.. you gave me something to look forward to each day..all of my life, I have never really felt so at peace.

I was captivated by the beauty of your are by far the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my 35 years of existence on this earth.

Although I lied about some things, I had never lied about how I feel for you.

I'm sorry for the horrible things that I've put you through.. with all the bad things that I've done, I realized.. I don't deserve you.. but someone out there does.

I will always remember our time together.. down to every small detail.. but it's also time for me to seek my own future without you.

All I can do now.. Is hope for the best and pray for you.. and I hope that you find what you're looking for.. someday..

With all my love,

Gloomy Evening
by: C

Last night, I sat on a wooden bed, under the tree.. feeling the cold summer breeze blew in my face, holding a handful of cigarettes, just waiting to be lit.. I looked at the moon, and it was glowing brightly that night. I started to smoke, and then I thought of you.. your eyes.. that glows when you smile, and when I close my eyes, I can hear the sound of your laughter.. The night is singing to me, it is when I realized that I miss you my love.. and these things gives me no pleasure, I thought it would be easier but instead the struggle is getting harder each day.. and sometimes i feel like as if the greatest part of who i am is slowly slipping away, and that is YOU.

I lit another cigarette, the wind is still blowing, I can hear a small branch brushing gently against the window.. I lay down on the wooden bed, I'm staring at the dark sky, and I saw your face.. my heart is calling for you.. and then I felt the ache seems to be at its peak, I called out to God and asked him to make it stop, But the night is quiet as ever..

I figured "I'm done for the day".. I went inside--straight to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and washed my face.. then i wiped the moist in the mirror, and then I see my reflection.. I can see the despair in my eyes, its like staring into the deepest recesses of space on a clear night. I shook my head with disgust and walked straight in to my room.

Finally, Bed! I lied down and I can smell the sheets, the strong scent of chlorine and fabric softener.. it reminded me of the bed in the mountain inn, though the sheets are obviously unwashed, I remember we spent the whole night removing each strand of hair left by the previous guest, it was so gross and unsanitary, but in the end.. we just made fun of it.

I can feel my eyes are getting heavy. I thought "Tomorrow is another struggle, I'm just glad I made it through this one." I sank my head on the soft pillow, and closed my eyes to the thought of how much I love you.. of how every action I make in an entire day connects me to you.. and how every fiber of my being longs to be with you. Goodnight my love. I will see you in my dreams, where there is no hostility, no boundaries or borrowed time.

All my love,

by: Beth

This is the most lovely letter I've read. IT is so heartfelt and brought tears to my eyes. True love is really knowing when to let someone go and set them free. To ask for forgiveness for that is remarkable.

I'm sure she knows in her heart how much you love her and I hope she sees what an amazing love you have for her.

Bless you for your courage.

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