Perfect Apology Monogram

An apology to everyone, and myself.

by Elizabeth

If I could address everyone I owe an apology to I'd be writing too many letters. I'm sorry to anyone whose ever got the misprivelege of meeting me because I have been nothing but a heartache.

I apologize to my mother for every single negative thought I had as a child towards you. You were nothing less than perfect to me. All I was, was a problem child.

To my younger brothers for always being mean and never showing you the love and affection a sister should give you.

To my eldest brother, I'm deeply sorry for not taking care of your wife while you were away. I apologize to Karina, you are the perfect wife to my brother, and all you needed was a helping hand, and instead I turned my back to you. I turned my back simply to fulfill my selfish needs to get drunk and high.

I apologize to the very few friends I did have.

Hilda, I know I always critiqued you, it was maybe just jealousy.

Edwin, sorry I wasn't there enough, sorry that I expected you to be.

Wilmay, I'm sorry for all the heartache I put you through these last 4 years. I know our relationship has never been great, and I know that it's because of me. I'm too proud to apologize, too proud to stand down. And too proud to let go.

I'm sorry to myself, for not loving me as I should. I am the most important person in my life, and I need to learn to love myself.

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