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Apologies and Family

Sometimes we treat strangers better than we treat those we love the most. When that happens (and it happens to the best of us) the only thing we can do is apologize and hope that through their forgiveness we learn from our mistakes and never repeat them again...

Debie from Dayton, Ohio writes...

I Am Sorry My Son

T. I am so very sorry. I have badmouthed your father to you. I am also sorry that your parents are no longer married.

You are 1/2 of your father and 1/2 of me and you are a very wonderful person.

I have leaned on you like a friend. That is very wrong. I will stop.

I promise that I will start to be your mother again and you can just be the child. I know you will never forget the things I have said and I have not done any good to your self esteem.

Again,please forgive me. I will stop. I promise.

A Mother's Apology....

I am so sorry for not being the mother you needed. It began so perfectly, and then I let you down. You have never healed, and I pray that one day you do.

I have reached out for 14 years now, and you have refused, I understand, I let you down I will always be here.

You were, and are perfect in every way to me, that will never change, and if I could I would wipe away all your pain. You are 28 going on 29 now, and are an amazing person. I am so very proud. I will love you until my last breath, and beyond, forever, and into eternity. You are my perfect son even though I am not your perfect mother.

Remember my son, the world, nor anyone in it is perfect. I may just have something to offer to you. Complete love comes from me to you. A prayer for your peace and contentment is constantly coming your way from me.

I love you.

A Husband's Apology...

To my wife and myself

I really let us down. I tried way too hard to make us both happy. Your happiness is very important to me, so much so that I talked myself into believing that what is probably the biggest decision of our lives would bring you the happiness that you so often told me you wanted and would also selfishly get me out of a miserable situation. A situation that I am more responsible for than I would like to admit. I had sincerely hoped that this radical move would ultimately make us both, finally happy. I pray that it will not lead to our demise. I'm supposed to be the more level-headed one, and I failed miserably to watch out for us both, but I failed you most of all.

I will likely take the guilt of this decision to an early grave. I can't even ask you directly for your forgiveness, as to even broach the subject would likely make this already miserable situation much worse.

I only write this here, typing into the void, in the desperate hope that I can forgive myself and thus save myself for your sake.

I love you deeply and I know with all my heart that you love me deeply too. We both come from families of deep love and we've watched our parents suffer as each left the other for that final rest.

I certainly do not want you to suffer that pain, so I will shoulder this guilt hopefully until I can find a way out. It's obviously not impossible to get us out of this mess, but it's going to be a long, rough road and I pray I can make it up to both of us before we suffer much longer.

Please forgive me, and I pray that God will grant me some peace so that I can remain strong enough to help us both.

Taris writes....

Dear Dawn/mother

I know I've put you through alot and I haven't treated you in the best way but I want you to know that I'm sorry. You don't deserve any of that and I want to change.

I want you to forgive me because I earned it and not because you feel you have too. But this isn't about what I want, it's about what you want and to give you what you want im going to do better. I promise you that much.

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