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Apology Letter for Wronging You

(United States)

I had never really met a friend who was a sweet as you were, a girl who was so unique and fun to be around and as beautiful as you were... That is why I fell so hard and so quickly, and that's why I was so obsessed with you. I regret not telling you this, but I really regret not getting to know you real well, moving too fast, especially since you have a bf, and for taking advantage of you and your kindness.

I'm sorry...

... for not giving you the space you wanted
... for not letting go when I should have
... for getting mad about little things that don't matter anymore
... for being obsessed with you
... for putting you in that situation when it was just me and you at ur place
... for giving you bad memories
... for putting you, Kai and your family thru tough times
... for listening to what other people have said
... for being an ass to you and a jerk at times
... for jumping to conclusions before finding out the truth
... for being too pushy and invading your personal space
... for all the stupid mistakes I made that pushed you away
... for ending up complicating things
... for being difficult to be around
... for making you feel bad
... for not being able to be your friend
... for doing all the things that lost your trust in me

You had such a bad year and past, and all the things you have had to go through and everything else I may have left out.

It doesn't make a lot of sense when I think back on everything. I guess I just didn't know how to handle things and I couldn't let go so easily.

It was bad timing for both of us, and after you dropped me as a friend, I didn't know how to deal with everything and I took out a lot of negative emotion on you, which was wrong. It was never your fault for feeling the way you did. All I ended up doing in the end was just complicating everything and losing a very dear friend.

I'm so very sorry.

I'm saying that I am completely at fault, and I am admitting my wrong doing. It may not mean anything to you now, but it means a lot to me for you to know this.

I know I can't do anything more to change your mind, and I don't expect you to, but at least you really know how I feel, and I feel better for letting it out.

I wish things didn't have to be this way, I will miss you and your friendship, like I already do.

I wish nothing but the best for you, goodbye and Happy New Year.

I'll take any response from anyone here. Thanks for reading.

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