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Apology Letter to Dylan

(Virginia, usa)

Dear Dylan...Before I pour out my entire heart and soul out into this letter, I want to let you know that you are the love of my life. Without you, life would never be the same. Music has no melody, food has no taste, and my heart becomes numb. For so long, all you had were people telling you, that you aren't worth it, and continuously walking in and out of your life. But I'm here to stay, and to change. And I want you to know that you're worth it.

You're worth staying up all night with, talking to, and listening to your heart. You're worth, analyzing my flaws, and changing to better myself, and to repair our relationship.

I want the whole entire world to know that I lied to you, repetitively. Broke your heart, kept things from you, and never truly took your feelings into consideration, and got mad at you for being angry at me, because I couldn't accept what I've done to you. I couldn't accept my problems, and for so long, I have run away from them....

I've never given you the apology that you truly deserved, because I was always so quick to point the finger at you, and telling you, that what you've done led me to make the decisions that I made. But that's completely wrong.

Baby you have been nothing but amazing and wonderful to me. You never left my side, even when I deserved to be left and forgotten.

And what do I do in return? Lie to you, break your trust, and not show you the love that you deserve. You're hurting, and you are in pain. I haven't been there to make you feel better, and repair your heart, I've only made it worse.

I want to let you know, in front of the entire world, God, and us, that I am going to change. No more lies, no more secrets. No more broken promises. I love you so much, and I refuse to be defeated and walk this path of life without you by my side.

I regret everything that I have done to you, and us, but I wouldn't change a thing because if I continued going down the path that I've been on, I would have completely destroyed who you are and what we could be. There is still hope.

I know you have no faith in me, and my words are hard for you to accept, or believe, but I'm going to show you. I'm not going to let you down anymore. I'm going to step up to the plate and be the woman you need and deserve to have.

Baby please hear me out and believe me when I say that I'm never going to do it again. I have learned my lesson, and I understand the seriousness of the situation. I know that it'll take time for you to trust me, love me, or even talk to me, but I made you a promise, that no matter what, even if we aren't together... That I'm not going to leave your side, and I'm not going to ever stop trying to contact you.

I don't care how far you are, how few we talk, or even if you don't wish to speak. I will always find you, let you know that I love you, and do any and absolutely everything to keep you in my life. Baby you're my everything, and I will never stop loving you.

"If my bones were wrapped around you
My skin was right in front of you
Would you smile and close your eyes?
I’m yours tonight"

I'm yours forever, and you will always be my baba, my love, my best friend, my soulmate, and the love of my life.

I know that I have been wrong for so long. But baby, and world...

I am done, lying. I am done, hurting you. I will not be the spawn of deceit, and break the love of my life's heart anymore.
God, please, hold me accountable to what I'm saying, and please guide me, and help me make things right again.

I know, that I am good at stimulating your body, but baby, that's not enough. I want to captivate your heart. I want us to have a love filled with passion and trust. I will do anything to allow us to grow in that together.

Baby, if you're willing to let me love you, fix us, and mend your heart, please message me.

I love you so much, and I'm going to get it right. Thank you for your guidance and always being by my side.

I will never take you for granted again. I love you so much.

Yours forever...

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by: tara

I hope you can get him back ... you seem deeply in love. And I hope things work out

jesse nichols
by: brandy

Gosh dang dude .... I don't know what to say to the guy I let go but these words... just say it all.

me too
by: Anonymous

me too!

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