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Apology Letter To My Brother

by Dennis

I've always admired the way you are honest and have a smile on your face. Your whole attitude is innocent and contagious. But for several years, I have been taking you for granted, refusing to acknowledge your impressive achievements and your transition into the worthy man and role model you have become.

How did you put up with me? I almost always gave you a scowl for a greeting and would lose my temper at you so easily, normally over such silly and trivial things...they weren't even problems, just 'things' did you manage to be so forgiving each and every time?

Bless your huge and loving heart.

I'm sorry for not having had the humility to congratulate you on your consistent, hard work and the genuine concern that you have for other people. I shouldn't feel bad for being unable to interest you with my personality traits, since we are very different, but I do.

I wish I had a personality and a behaviour that you could identify with, instead of my own that are apparently incapable of treating you with the brotherly love which you are owed from me, only because we are siblings. Then you'd get the attention you deserve.

I just didn't try hard enough. It's pathetic that you gave so much to me and got so little in return. There were times when you gave me gifts and helped me when I needed it, but when the opportunity came for me to do the same and reciprocate and thereby show you the ultimate gratitude for your generosity, I selfishly backed away, more than a few times.

You had done nothing to deserve such coldness and I gave it to you quite casually. My foolish mind was teeming with imaginary, childish thoughts that made it seem sensible for me to be that way towards you.

I am truly sorry for having neglected you like this and for so long, my dear, sweet brother.

Carry on being you. Everyone that is apart of your life is lucky to have you.

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