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Apology Letters: Being Truly Sorry

RV from Canada writes... I'm truly sorry. I know you probably hate me right now and I don't blame you. I still have not forgiven myself and I don't think I ever will for acting how I did the last time we spoke. I was just hurt over the fact that when you came back and we tried to talk things through that it didn't go as I would have expected.

You have to understand that I was in a bad place and was hurt over everything but that doesn’t excuse the hurtful and harmful words that I said to you. You know that is out of character for me to act like that and I am a loving person but on that day you just witnessed a bad side of me.

I think you're an amazing person and I've always told you that. I take full responsibility for my actions and I didn't mean all the hurtful and cruel things I said to you. Things have not been going well for me at the present but that is not your fault as you were going through a lot as well. You went through a lot with your ex and I honestly felt bad for the way he treated you and you know that I never would want to see you in pain. When you reached out to me it honestly tore me apart that you went through all of that with him.

You were once my best friend and I have always respected you but I feel like this time I let my anger and hurt get the best of me. I wish I could take back all the words I said but I really feel like I hurt you and that was never my intention. I always wanted things to work out between us and I guess I should have let it be instead of pestering you with questions causing more frustration.

I know that we probably won’t ever be together again and our time has run its course but I really hope that you will forgive me one day and I hope God will too, because it is eating me up inside. You are the last person on earth that I would ever want to hurt but I have unfortunately done that.

I really hope that you will always remain happy and healthy forever. I’m truly and wholeheartedly sorry with every cell of my being for acting the way I did. I wish you the best and hope you do the same for me.

Jemimah from Kenya writes...

I'm truly sorry for mistrusting you.

I don't know how to express my sincere apologies for the pain caused and the tears shed because of me.

I never thought that expressing my feelings to you would bring up such a big rift between us. Though I misinterpreted that picture of you and your best friend I never lost trust in you. You know you are the best I ever had and for the past four days I have been at my worst and everyone around me is noticing the change in me.

I never smile as I used to and I am never me anymore.

I wouldn't want to lose you or think about you out of my life... I will never find one like you who would love me for me and appreciate me. I would never get another person who would assume my imperfections and my past and love me for who I am.

Maybe we might not be together anymore but I want to appreciate what you have done for me, you made me a strong woman, corrected me when I go wrong, taught me a lot that no one, even my mother, has ever done. You made me courageous and helped me be who I am now.

I love you too much and heaven being my witness am sincerely sorry for how things turned out between us.

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