Perfect Apology Monogram

Apology Star Love Poem

by Dave
(Somerville, MA)

This is one of the best sites ever. I have this girl I love really pissed off at me, for something I said and I really didn't know how to say sorry to her.

I googled apologies and read some of the stuff on this site, and found that Star Registry idea and wrote up an apology love poem based on star light, star bright. I called her, read the poem, told her about the star and she probably loves me even more now, I could almost hear her heart melt over the phone.

Here's the apology love poem for anyone else who may need it.

Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

I was wrong, you were right,
I'm so sorry about our fight,
For what I said, for what I might,
I apologize, hear my plight.

In the sky on this night,
For all to see a new sight,
The fairest of stars that shines bright
It now has your name, my guiding light.

Thank you for the idea!


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by: Phil

Thanks so much. I did exactly as described and my girl loves me. I even told her that I got the idea from the site and she thought it was so sweet that I actually researched a way to make amends.

Brilliant Buddy. Thanks.

Very nice
by: Augustine

I love your idea...if I may use it, I am having a date coming on Monday.

Star love poem
by: ybee

Thanks for this beautiful star love poem, can I use it?

Comment from the PA Team:
Feel free to use it. I think that's what Dave had in mind when he shared it on the site.

by: Anonymous

Dave I'm really feeling this idea. Hope it's okay to use it. I have a big date coming up with the girl I believe I will marry one day. We've had a falling out and I believe this flows perfectly with my plans for the night.

by: Anonymous

Hey, Dave! Hope that you allow me to use this. God Bless.

You're the best Dave
by: ed

I really like your idea, really smart move... You don't mind if I use part of it to apologize?

Can I Use This Apology Poem?
by: Anonymous

Can I use this poem on a friend? Or is it only for the person that you love?

Comment from the PA Team:
No reason that you can't. A sincere
and heartfelt apology is appropriate
for anyone.

Best Apology Idea EVER!!!
by: Anonymous

I am totally dedicating this to my husband who deserves to shine above the rest, thanks!

glad it works
by: Anonymous

.. men .. ur d'best among the rest .. the apology star .. grant my request .. thx folks

by: Anonymous

man u good
gonna use it

by: Anonymous

I loved it and I'm using it thanks to you =]

by: Natalie

That is so beautiful. I have made a lot of mistakes and I hope things can work out, sometimes you don't realize you have got a good thing until you do something to make you realize how much you love someone! What a fantastic idea for an apology.

no way
by: Anonymous

ahh dude! that's awesome... u think I can have your permission to like borrow that for lyrics? If it gets famous I could give you like 10% of what it makes.... but I don't wanna get sued for stealing your work.

Apology Star WORKS!
by: Mike B. (from Boston)


Had a huge fight with my girlfriend. Took your advice, and the advice on the perfect apology site, and tried the apology star idea to fix things. Worked really well.


This was Fantastic!
by: Natalie

This was such a lovely poem, I would not of thought of those words to put in to fill the spaces of someone's heart. I am in love and I know that I can do foolish things, this poem changed my line of thinking.Thanks a lot

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