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Apology To A Dear Friend

by Stacy

My dear friend... I know I have made some pretty serious mistakes during the course of our acquaintance and friendship. There are quite a few so I will only name a couple of them specifically. I have been rude and copped quite an attitude with you at times. You totally didn't deserve this. Ever. You have a busy life and many people in it. How dare I!

My own insecurities tend to create a desire for assurance from the people around me. This is not a role I should have ever made you try to fill. It is true, and alas I am finally admitting it to myself as well as to you. A serious inability to maintain and cultivate friendships has only added to this weakness. I am truly sorry.

I also am quite sure that sometimes my mouth lets loose with things it has no business saying before my mind can even register what is coming out of it. I am working on this flaw. It has attributed to both of the above offenses for which I know I owe you the sincerest apology.

Oh, and let us not leave out my terrible forgetfulness. I am working on this too, but it is much harder. Sometimes I don't even realize I have forgotten something until it is too late. Events and promises are only a few examples. I try to be a person of my word, and this forgetfulness is making that difficult at times.

All of the terrible misguided things I have said and done earned me no right to expect anything. That is ok. I did want to give you an honest heartfelt apology that has been a long time coming.

I wish I had been able to find the words to give it sooner. I would like to ask for your forgiveness. I will try to do better.

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