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Apology to a Friend's Ex

by Anonymous

I want to apologize to you for all the terrible names I called you and your son. I was wrong to take that road. I'm sure you're over it and you found yourself somebody else, but I want you to know I'm sorry. The guy you were with at the time had driven a lot of people crazy with all his talking about how he was sick of your drama and the drama your family was causing him. I had serious questions as to whether or not you were sincere about how you felt about him.

He had told a lot of people that you were full of drama and when he was with you, he talked about how he wanted out.

Everything I told you in those messages was the truth. He was unfaithful to you. Who it was doesn't matter. But believe me when I say that it's the truth.

The fact he didn't own up to it shows just how much he was willing to cover his own butt. Did the rest of the friends talk badly about you? Some of them did. Others, I'm not certain. Did he get somebody pregnant? I don't think so. If he did, the woman kept it very quiet. Was there a miscarriage? Doubtful, but who knows? Not everybody is honest.

Lord knows he's had some very disgusting women in his life with no morals and no remorse for their actions. One woman nearly got him killed by not using good judgment.

I questioned your motives for being with him. Sadly, you didn't make yourself look good. It's very suspicious to see a woman start dating a rich guy just weeks after giving birth to her ex's child.

I'm not the only one who had those thoughts. More people than you realize had those thoughts. It's just they weren't bold enough to come at you with those suspicions. They were afraid of being slammed.

I didn't use my real name in writing you because I didn't feel like getting into an argument with him. But then again, you were not smart in the way you handled it. You put those messages out there for everybody to hear about. Did you really have to go there? Honestly, no.

I thought you would confront the guy and get the truth. What I didn't expect was for you two to run around trying to find out who wrote it. This was proof that neither of you trusted your friends.

Your friends probably told you to stay away from him while his friends told him to stay away from you. And for the record, I think you wanted to cause problems in his friendships. There were allegations of you being jealous of his female friends and mistreating them. I'm sure a lot of them called you the names I called you behind your back. Same with some of his guy friends.

I'll be honest in saying I'm glad you're not with him and he has somebody else now. I do feel sorry that he replaced you so fast. But you knew it was just a matter of time. I tried to tell you, but you didn't want to hear it. Instead you tried to get somebody arrested.

Was I trying to break you up? Yes. I wanted the guy with somebody else. Did I want him myself? No. I knew he liked another girl and knew he was wrong to be with you knowing he liked somebody else. The lies had to stop.

Anyway, I was wrong to call you any and all of the names I did. I was wrong to make you think you were being stalked when all I was doing was trying to put a stop to the drama you and the guy were causing me.

I was especially wrong to call your son a bastard. I do think you were very irresponsible to have a child with a drug addict and you were wrong to try to have somebody else play daddy to him, but it's not his fault.

I was appalled that you were pretending the child was his when you knew the child had a father. I was even angrier that you were turning this nice guy into a douche-bag.

He wasn't there for me when I was going through stuff because he was cleaning up your messes. I acted out of frustration that a once nice guy was now a jerk and that he was playing with my emotions.

I'm not proud of making fun of your fake tan, but you have to admit, it's not that great. Plus, it's not healthy for you. But again, I do sincerely apologize for what I said to you.

I hope you found somebody better than your ex by now. Or that your son's father got his act together and maybe you've reconciled with him. I also forgive you for making my life hell for 3 years and causing me to lose sleep.


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