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Big Regrets in Love and Life

by They Call Me Legion

Where I do I begin. I guess from the start. I know it doesn't seem that way but I never meant to hurt you never meant for things to go the way they did. I only wanted someone who understood the lack of... Everything... Inside me.

Someone who was broken someone I could relate to.

You wore me down and broke me down and made me weak for you. That's not a complaint. I never meant to fall for you. It was so long since I felt that feeling, the connection. It was amazing.

You know, you're the only person who consumed me like that. It was like being a real person and having a reason to be happy. Not just a responsibility or an appearance to seem normal. It was the truest thing I've ever felt.

I can't change what I did, and I can't fix what's broken. I'd like to say I'd go back and change it all. Truth is I wouldn't. I'd go back and make sure it never happened. Make sure you never experienced the destruction that I caused and the heart ache.

You're to perfect to have ever been put through any of that. I know the last thing I said to you wasn't what either of us wanted. But it was a necessity.

All I can say is that when this life is all said and done, as I'm laying on my death bed pondering my final thoughts, they'll be why did I ever let the purest, most perfect thing in my life get away.

Just please know you made me happy and thoughts and memories of our time will haunt me, as I'll never have them again. I'll never feel accepted, understood, unconditionally loved, wanted, and needed .

I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I'm the creature that I am. I'm sorry for everything that happened between us, with us. We'll always have cannonballs and fireflies.

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Time heals all wounds
by: Anonymous

I'm assuming that your a man who has hurt a woman who you now realise was the one for you but it's too late as either what you did to hurt her is unforgivable or she has moved on and you can't approach her.

First of all you are brave and honest as not many people can admit to being wrong and you obviously love her so that most likely won't erode. Just pray about it, God knows your heart and he hears you, he will help you heal. God is in control and he gave His only begotten Son to die for you on the cross. God works in mysterious ways so maybe one day your paths will cross again and she might not be so freaked out about you any more. Just trust and live a good honest life... you are here for a reason, unconditional love doesn't die it's diverted like a river but always flows.

Treasure the good times you had, true love doesn't die. I hope that helps by the way it was a beautifully written apology.

Nice apology from the heart
by: Anonymous

The nicest apology I have ever read right from the heart. I hope you find closure and peace with the person you hurt, time does have a way of healing wounds. God bless.

Learn From Your Mistakes
by: Frank

Similar thing happened to me. Don't mourn over what has happened in the past, instead learn from it.

Life is full of lessons, good and bad. The important thing is to learn from your experiences and move forward and grow. It's all we can do and is the real meaning of life.

An apology means you know you have hurt someone, and feeling regret proves that your actions did not truly reflect you true inner self. Understand that, and realize that you are worthy of being loved but maybe not ready and perhaps that was the reason she was brought into your life and things ended the way they did.

As you get older you'll understand that everything that happens in our lives, happens for a reason, big or small, and if we allow ourselves to learn from these experiences, they can change the course of our future.

Best of luck to you.

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