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Everyone, I'm Sorry

by Someone

I'm terribly sorry to anyone and everyone I hurt. I'm a jerk to everyone I meet. I always find a way to get myself involved into drama and think I'm better than most people. I really hope to change.

Everyone may know me as the not so innocent girl but I just want my innocence back, I just want to be a little girl again.

I wish I never really grew up and watched things that would mess with my mind, talk to people who would screw with my mind and hurt me. I wish I never became who I am today.

I wish I could be reborn, I love God and I know he loves me too but I just don't think he would accept me. I'm too screwed up. I just wish none of this ever happened.

Why do I have to be so harsh on everyone I meet?

Why do I swear. Why am I a mean person? Why can't I be pure and a good person, why is it so hard for me to do something nice?

I love my friends but I get a bit jealous when something good happens to them. They are so smart, they always get awards and their parents appreciate them. I know my parents love and appreciate me but I just don't believe it.

I always think why is it always my friends and never me? Why can't I be happy for them, they deserve a better friend, someone better than me.

I distanced myself from them because I just couldn't bare it, their lives are so perfect and joyful and mine is full of issues and stress.

Why couldn't I be born as them, why can't I have the life they have? They travel around the world while I just stay put. I listen to their stories and how happy their vacations are while I spend my vacations at home.

I wish I could be proud of them because they deserve it, they really do. And, they are the best friends ever. Absolutely.

I want a better relationship with God but all I ever do is sin and ask for forgiveness. I can't keep living like this because it's hurting me.

I wish I could have a better body, better teeth, and a better smile. I know I suck and have hurt a lot of people in the past.

I just want to apologize because I feel so much guilt and I can't keep living like this it's just too much for me. I'm sorry everyone.

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You are not alone
by: Gracie

I read this and can only assume you are quite youthful. Your questions, sadness and frustration are all too common at a certain age.

Most of us have experienced the same.

Be strong. You've apologized and said I'm sorry. You've taken the first step now in apologizing and seeing some of your self-defeating behavior. But that is not who you are or will be. That is huge my dear.

Always remember a new journey starts with the first step and you've just taken it. Good for you and I would know I've been in your shoes.

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