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Forgiving the Person who has hurt me BIG TIME

by Isanna Isadora

I was in a long distance relationship for 2 years. One time He came home and stayed with me until a few days later, I caught him chatting with the woman I suspected Him to have an affair with.

I was devastated and I cried and could hardly breathe. He was having an affair and He wanted to just get even but at my expense.

I wanted to end the relationship right there and then. It was useless to go on when I totally lost my trust and I really had no idea how to put things back together again.

He knelt down and cried and would never want to break up with me. I asked him to leave the house He would not leave He wanted to stay. My heart softened when I saw Him cry which He hardly does. It was the first time that I saw Him cry in 2 years. And I forgave Him.

We tried to make things work after that. The first 6 months was horrifying getting over the pain, and the woman harassing me and my family. I may have been broken but I never fell apart.

I live with him now and things are much better but my trust will never be the same again. I love him very much, but if one day He will find someone and decide to cheat on me again, I will let him go.

One thing I learned from this experience is, I can be strong when it's called for. I can forgive even when it's inconceivable. And God knows I tried to make things right even when I thought it was the end of everything. Now I am stronger and in complete control of my emotions.

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