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I love you Nina and I apologize. 💔

by Helder F.
(Ponta Delgada)

My dear cute looking bebe fofinha Nina... I'm not proud of myself and I'm aware of it... I would like to truly apologize to you, deep from my heart. That those kids from the Internet can easily trigger you by making false accusations and sh*t arguments when you know yourself and so do I, that nothing they said was true.

You are not a wh*re. You are the most sincere and humble person I have ever met in my life.

I'm so sorry. I should have defended you properly and made your days better. Because it's my duty as your boyfriend, to take good care of you and make you feel the best that you can, my love...

I know exactly that everything they said is just bullsh*t. I know who you are and so do you. I understand how you're feeling about it.

I'm an a**hole I should have defended you properly.

You also know exactly how these stupid kids can be whenever they see a precious beautiful looking girl like you playing video games. Because they are all childish and they use false words and claims as insults. They are brain dead to the hurt and pain they cause.

Please don't be so overwhelmed by this.

The more attention you give to these toxic stupid people, the more they will want to hurt you by being mean and toxic.

I love you so much and I'm clearly sure of who you are, because I'm aware of all of your past, and yes, your ex-boyfriends.

Those people had no right to talk that way about you.

I'm completely aware of that and I should have reacted way more forcefully in defending you. I am so sorry.

I hate myself when I can't make you happy the way I want you to be. Forgive me my love, this shouldn't have happened.

I'm not proud of being like this, I want to fix things for once between us.

I promise you with all my love that it won't ever happen again, because I now know how to behave in this type of situation. I will prove it to you. I will prove you right.

Forgive me my cutie.

I won't give up on you. I love you and there is still so much for me to show you and prove to you.

Please don't give up of us.

Please, I hope and beg you that you can unblock and talk to me so we can talk properly and fix things...

H + N forever minha bebi fofinha. ♥ Eu amote para sempre, Nina J.

I miss you a lot. I can't stand being far and on bad terms with you.

Please forgive this cocozinho, he promises you that he will deal with things differently and it won't ever happen again.

- From your bebe feio e gordo that loves you,
Helder F.

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