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I Never Wanted To Hurt You

It's 1am and I am in bed thinking about you, again. I'm thinking about what we could of been if I didn't make that silly mistake. I wish I chose you over that other guy in the summer, because you are sweet and genuine, but I didn't know you so well, and the distance scared me so much. We were so close yet so far away but I never knew my feelings for you would get as strong as they are now.

We became distant so I made a silly mistake that I thought would make us close again, but instead it did the opposite. If I could go back and relive the summer with you then I would, I would do it all again.

Now its too late, "you've done this so many times" you said. I've blown my chances to ever be with you. I wish we could be together like we talked about. I want to wake up next to you, go places with you... and even simple things like hold your hand.

Please think over these next few days why I did what I did, I never meant to hurt you. I really hope you can find a place in your heart to forgive me then one day we can be together properly.

I love you with all my heart. N.

Regret over having hurt someone comes in all shapes and sizes, and at different times. In this first case, it was at the start of the relationship while in this second instance the same feelings of regret over a future that may never come to pass can be heard after a seven year relationship.


I am so sorry for everything I have ever put you through. I am living through the consequences now. You are the true love of my life and I am so afraid that I will never get you back.

I know my actions have never made sense to you but at the time, I did what I thought was right for me. I realize now that you are what's right for me. Please forgive me. I want to start over and finally give us a try. We havent been through everything in the past 7 years just to give up.

You're it for me babe. I dont want anyone else. I want you. Need you. Love you.

So pick me. Choose me. Love me. I will give you everything I have. because I can't imagine myself with anyone else. You may not believe this but it's true. You have my heart. So please, give me a chance to show you the girl I was grew up into a woman. I love you Eddie. Forever.

Always, Lion

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