Perfect Apology Monogram

I took too long to tell you how I feel

Dear Joe... The reason I broke things off with you last year was because I didn't think you would ever marry me and I had lost faith in our love.

I never communicated to you how I felt, instead I was just quiet. I think too, I was not giving you enough credit for all you had accomplished, I know how wrong I was and should have given you more praise for everything (restoring the mustang, opening the shop, having other projects to restore, getting your business back on track and paying off all your bills).

I also wanted to start to travel with you but felt you no longer had the desire to do that.

In December I had started to realize how deeply I really loved you. After 8 years of being together we share such a history, family and experiences.
I cannot believe I took too long to tell you, we were still seeing each other through December and then in January you met her.

How can you be engaged to her within a 3 month period?

Why did I wait to tell you how I felt? I miss "us" , my best friend, the comfortable feeling of being together. My heart is so broken I can't even imagine the rest of my life without you, let alone being with someone else. I wanted to grow old with you, watch our children have families, go on adventures, and share the best part of our life together. Please forgive me and come home to me.

I will always love you and cherish the time we shared our life together.


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