Perfect Apology Monogram

I wanna be perfect for you.

by Nina

X, I'm sorry that once again I made you feel as if I didn't care about us anymore. I know I fell asleep on you last night but there's more to that rather than just falling asleep.

I'm sorry I haven't shown you the respect that you deserve. I know I keep breaking my promise about falling asleep on you. It's not that I like leaving you alone, it's not that you're not worth it, you're not boring.

I feel awful after. I feel awful knowing that I left you alone. I know that right now you're probably very disappointed in me and wished that I can do the things that you do for me. I know that I can... I just need to find that inner strength that I had a few days ago.

I will find it... Sweetie I will make you proud... You deserve the best and nothing but... You're precious... You've been hurt greatly and I need to always keep that in my mind... I want to be better than the others... I love you.

You're the best person to ever come into my life and I don't want to mess our relationship up. Our love is stronger than the disappointment you feel... If you can find an ounce of forgiveness, I will not blow this chance away by messing up again... I'm truly, sincerely, and deeply sorry.

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