Perfect Apology Monogram

I Will Always Be Your Bubs

by Luke

This is for the girl that I fell in love with. You we're my best friend and I never thought the day would come that you would walk away from me. I should have been a better person before I met you but I wasn't yet, at that stage of my life. I was blind. You taught me real love and dealt with me not showing it back enough.

I asked you so many times "why do you like me?" and you would always gave me the most wonderful reasons. If I had not been so blind I would have told you before it was too late, how much you meant to me.

I should have made some changes to better myself at the time. After all, it was for my benefit that I should have done them.

I hurt you, and it has been so painful for me to know that I did.

Now I do not get your love and friendship that I miss so much because I don't deserve it.

I dream about you a lot, and I wake up thinking and wondering about you almost every morning. I pray that someday you may forgive me, and maybe call me, but I know it's wishful thinking and it may not happen.

Our connection was unique and like no other I've ever had in my life and I truly cherish it, even though it might be gone for you.

Your lovely eyes that showed me emotion and love, joy, and pain, your amazing attitude, and caring ways will never be forgotten by me my darling Mel.

I'm sorry that I let you down, and if you ever have a change of heart, I would be a better person to you so that you could be proud to call me your bubs.

I will always love you.

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