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I Wish I Had It To Do Over Again

by DJ

Dear John... There is SO much to say. I was so selfish and clueless, I took you for granted. I look back at photos and I can see the change in you, you must have been getting sick and I saw you every day and didn't even recognize it.

I was grieving the loss of the girls, and didn't know I was grieving. You were too, and I don't think either of us realized it.

We should have sought out one another for comfort, but we retreated into our own realities. We should have gotten help from somebody, and I shouldn't have listened to other people at ALL.

Then I tried to pursue my plans, and was too blind to see the situation had changed, and you would need me to step up. I was mean & dismissive & you were hurting too. When you called me I should have come immediately. My denial wasn't what you needed.


I should never ever have let you go in and out of all those places. I believed they would help you get better. I didn't think I could do what they could. They treated you badly. Instead of fighting with them, I should have trusted myself, brought you home & just lived a day at a time.

I'm sorry I pushed you so hard, I just wanted things to magically get better. You were tired, I was wrong. After awhile, I became as mean and cold & thoughtless as them.

Even worse, because you're the love of my life. I now understand that trying to FORCE things is wrong, in all cases.
Sometimes just sitting and holding someone's hand without trying to FIX things is the best love a person can show.

Please forgive me, I love you and will spend the rest of MY life here on earth trying to honor you and be a better person....perhaps someday I will get to hold you again, God willing.

Love you forever. DJ.

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If we only could turn back time. I'm sorry about everything.
by: C.

Dear Charles,

I don't know how exactly to tell you this, but here I go. I am very hurt about how our relationship ended and how you turned your back on me.

I think what hurt the most is when you said you would never do the thing you did, and you did just that. You betrayed our friendship and me.

I opened up to you, I allowed you to climb through the walls that I have created to keep people like you out. I know we tried to make our relationship work but I mostly just needed a friend, to be there, to know me, to laugh with me, and mostly just tell me everything will be OK.

Why am I hurt? Why are you not? I apologize for feeling this way but how else am I suppose to tell you... you won't email me back or communicate with me in any way.

I saw you a few weeks back and we were like two distant strangers because the distance between us is so vast. I miss my friend. You let me down. I apologize if I ever hurt you in any way that could cause you to behave as you have.

I hope all is well and I hope this letter heals your heart and mine so that maybe one day you and I can catch up... and become friends again. Because my friend, oh how I miss you.

Stay blessed my friend...

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