Perfect Apology Monogram

I'm sorry for hurting you

by Courtney
(Pacific )

I am so deeply sorry for how I ended our marriage. I lied and broke promises so many times I lost count.

I'm sorry that we did not get the "happy-ever-after".

I'm sorry that I changed and that I couldn't stay the same as I was when you fell in love with me.

I'm sorry that I strung it out so long, I was so scared of hurting you directly that I just fed you a little bit of hurt each day, I really was not aware how horrible that was--I was weak and scared and not strong enough to end things earlier before they got messy and bad.

I'm sorry I humiliated you, and abused the fact that you would forgive me and swallow my lies because you loved me so much.

I am so sorry I did not take better care of your beautiful loving heart.

I am sorry I was not able to be a better wife.

I have not been able to forgive myself, but I hope you find love again, you deserve it and you will make a better woman than me very happy.

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