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I'm Sorry for Lying

by W.
(Friesland, Netherlands)

Telling my story hurts, not just because it is incredibly embarrassing, but because I've hurt someone really badly. Here it is for all the worlds to see. My ex and I took off quite fast with our relationship. Which lead to a short and heavy one. It ended in pain for the both of us, and since he's my sister's best friend, it was hard to get over him.

We've been trying to make a friendship work for about two months, in which we slept with each other a few times. At a very moment we decided that this wasn't working. So we stopped trying to make the friendship work. It broke my heart, but I had to live with it.

My ex likes to flirt. And that is what he did one night while we were going out. I panicked. It suddenly came to me that I had lost him and I wanted to feel his presence so bad that I caught his attention by lying to him.

I had missed my period a few times, and I was afraid that I was pregnant. I took an EPT and it was negative (thank God). But that was not what I told my ex-boyfriend. I didn't tell him it was positive either. I never told him I took the EPT. I just told him I was two months late.

He was worried and got mad. But he didn't hate me. He was furious when he found out I lied. Now we haven't spoken in three weeks, he ignores my calls, texts or e-mails, and even the cute 'I'm sorry'-card wouldn't do the trick.

He's been ignoring me ever since and I feel so bad that I haven't eaten or slept in six days. I am tired but I cannot sleep, I am hungry but I cannot eat. But I won't give up until he forgives me. I just won't do that.

However, if he's happy, I should probably leave him alone and go on with my life, even though that's hard.

My advice: Stay out of this mess. Don't tell lies. Never put yourself first if it'll hurt someone else. It will save you a lot of trouble and sleepless nights.

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It's OK
by: Anonymous

It is ok, I have done worse. Just go up to him and tell him sorry and that he needs to realise that it is in the past and to stop being rude over something like that. It is ok, just keep your head high and don't worry about him. Think about yourself before him. I know it is going to be hard, but it's really ok.

by: Gen

As humans we make mistakes, it's what we learn from them that shows us who we really are as individuals.

By writing this letter for all to see, you are showing us all that you realize the gravity of your error and wanted to let others, who may consider making the same mistake, understand how foolish it would be and that it will only cause them unnecessary and considerable pain.

For me, that shows your strength of character and I commend you for sharing with everyone your embarrassing and heartfelt story.

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