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I’m Sorry for Monday my Love

by Mahalia G.

Dennis, I am so so sorry for Monday. It was never supposed to go that way. You were never supposed to get hurt. I would take back that night in an instant. I would take a do-over and completely change what happened. I can't though--if I could you would never have heard such horrible things. Dennis I want your forgiveness but I don't want you to feel forced to forgive me.

I said some of the worst things possible to you. Things that should never have left my mouth.

I can only think that something went really wrong with me that night. And I will forever be sorry for causing you pain you never deserved. Pain you should never have experienced. Words that should never have come out of my mouth. Lies I told and the truths I should have like I love you and you are the best boyfriend ever!

Nothing can change the way I feel about you. I will pour my heart out to you about this day. I went knowing I never should have and I made the world's biggest mistake of hurting you. I hurt someone who never deserved to get hurt. Especially by me. I’ll never say those things to you again--I have never repeated them since Monday. And I never will.

Dennis you are my forever and my always.I'm sorry I hurt you. What should have come out of my mouth that night should have been I love you and you're amazing. But I said different. And I don't understand why I said it. All I know is I didn't mean it.

I would never say something like that to someone so important and mean it. You are amazing and attractive and the opposite to what that girl said Monday night.

You are the opposite to what she said. She cried and said she was sorry that night. She meant that sorry.

I am so so sorry. I made a really huge mistake and messed up. I should never have walked out that door. I never should have been so stupid. Dennis there may never be enough apologies in the world, but this is my apology letter to you and not the last apology I will make.

Dennis I am so so sorry. I don't want to lose my love over Monday, I should and will be saying sorry for years to come. But Dennis I am truly sorry I messed up. I own my mistakes and I am so so sorry.

You mean the world to me--you mean every star in the universe. And, everything I could ever ask for in a boyfriend. I love you so so much! And I’ll never stop.

I do love you so so much and nothing can change that. Dennis please don't go away, I would miss you dearly and forever. You're the most amazing person alive today.

Dennis I love you so so much! And I always will <3

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This is wonderful
by: Anonymous

This is so moving and emotional, it made me get upset. Well said, well said. It is very good.

Just remember, the best thing to do is to act on your words! Then all will be OK! Great letter!

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