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I'm Sorry Gift Ideas

by Dan
(Los Angeles)

My wife and I have been arguing a lot lately. It's been a really stressful time for me and I've been losing my cool quickly and frequently. We've been married for 5 years and have had are ups and downs like with any relationship. I've apologized and so has she, every time we start to argue. Saying sorry to each other isn't that hard for us but it doesn't seem to be helping us get past this rough time.

We have a good relationship but lately we just can't seem to get along. We're both working and have very demanding bosses who expect us to be on call 24/7 which we basically are since we always carry our iPhones with us.

I know the stress is getting to both of us. We are both rushing from morning until night...working, prepping, cleaning, cooking--the usual stuff.

When we get home after a long day of work, we still have a million things to do to get the house and family in's all sometimes too much. My wife takes it in stride but I know she's going to burn out one of these days.

Last week we had a huge blow out fight. She admitted to me that she feels I'm not as helpful as I could be around the house.

I thought I was doing a pretty good job. Actually, I thought I was doing better than most husbands do.

So I made a list of all the tasks and chores that each of us do around the house to prove her wrong. If it's on paper and she sees it with her own eyes she'll see that I do as much, if not more than she does. And apologize for getting it so wrong. Right? Wrong!

When I wrote down everything I could think of, her column was much longer than mine. In fact, twice the length. I couldn't believe it.

I apologized to her and told her how sorry I was in taking for granted so much of what she does. But I want to do more.

I don't have the time to do more but I do have a little extra money. I'd love to hire a full time housekeeper but don't have enough money for that (we have a cleaning lady come once a week right now) so I'm looking for some gift ideas to say I'm sorry about the whole situation.

I thought of jewelry and flowers but she knows I love her and they won't help right now. So anyone out there with some great I'm sorry gift ideas?

From the Perfect Apology Team

Of course you can check out our curated lists of apology gifts although in this case it sounds like you two are just really busy and need a break. If money is too tight to hire extra help how about a HelloFresh service.

We know a couple who use their service just to make life easier. They love how fresh the ingredients are, how tasty the dishes are and it helps to lighten their load a couple of days a week.
The way it works is you choose from a ton of great recipes, they send an easy to follow recipe and pre-measured ingredients to your house and you end up with a healthy, delicious meal in 30 minutes.

It will save you both a ton of time grocery shopping and trying to figure out what to make for dinner. We think it's a great gift idea for saying sorry about the whole situation because it shows you care, helps you both out at the same time and you can feed your family a healthy and nutritious meal in no time without having to think about it.

The best part is that you'll be using the same money you already spend on groceries and shopping, and save on gas too, so it really won't cost anything in the end.

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Thank you!
by: Dan

The service has been fantastic and so helpful.
Thank you so much.

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