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I'm Sorry I Couldn't Be A Good Person To You

I don't know how to start, I've been harboring so many feelings ever since you blocked me. I never blamed you for it by the way. I have realized that I was invading your privacy almost everyday with constant messages which were draining to you, and giving the burden of my family drama onto you, and I don't blame you for avoiding me and trying to lecture me with hopes that I would change.

I don't blame you for calling me 'crazy and manipulative' to our mutual friends.

I'm sorry I haven't acted out earlier to change my behavior. You offered many chances. Yet I still gave you only pain.

You've been so kind, understanding and tolerant to me, and you've tried your best to support me. You're a role model and inspiration to me, and I wish you all the best.

I'm sorry I couldn't be the mature person I thought I was, and the mature person that deserved to be your friend.

I'm sorry for turning out to be a stalker. It is absolutely immoral to stalk someone, no matter the reasons. I'm disgusted with myself, and I won't ever forgive myself for it.

I was a terrible person, not only to you, but my parents, my extended family, and some of my friends.

But after seeing you hurt, and seeing my family's struggles, I've promised myself that I'll not hurt anyone like this ever again, and I'll make absolute sure of that. And I saw the reason my parents were so angry.

Thank you. Thank you for being yourself, a wonderful person and friend. And I'm sorry for everything that happened in our friendship, even before the stalking.

I won't send you this because I don't want to disturb you again, but if you'll ever stumble across here, these are my thoughts concerning the situation.

Sincerely...a former person you've once known.

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If I'm correct...
by: Anonymous

This apology sounds very much like an answer to the one I've posted, and the events you've mentioned sound EXACTLY like the ones me and the one I've apologized went through. If you are indeed them, then I wish you could read this message.

I have forgiven you a long time ago, immediately after the block. I have never been mad at you. I followed through what you said, and my life has improved greatly. Yes, I had my own turmoil like you've described, but it was worth it. I turned out better than before.

I'm sorry that my confession back then has affected you so deeply. I've never imagined you would feel like that. And looking back at things you've said before, it makes sense.

I assumed that what I felt for you was romantic love, but I couldn't portray you in a romantic way. But I still wanted to say "I love you". I thought it was silly of me to tell you :"Look, I love you, but not in a romantic way, but not as a friend either".

To this day, I don't know what this is. Either my romance style is different, either it was a feeling that it is rarely known. You've been incredibly similar to me, I've never met anyone like that in my entire life.

I'm sorry I made you question your worth regarding your love. You've made me change myself for the better, I can't thank you enough.

I went through the same struggle all this time along, and I've learned that we should accept ourselves for what we are, including our mistakes. They're important because they're turning us into what are we today. Better people than our former yesterday-selves. I haven't realized that for years, until I met you, and I began to question if what I'm telling myself is true.

Your apology has given me the peace I've been looking for. If my assumption is correct, and you are indeed the one I've described in mine, then I never expected you to actually see it.

I hope these words will give you the strength for better loving yourself. Words of fantastic people, including yourself, have helped me realize that I can bring a contribution to the world, and that I truly have a value. I'm struggling with it, but it's been better than who I was some while back.

I hope this message will help you find your peace, whatever you are.

I'm pulling a reverse by saying that you deserve the same love you've wished for me. I'm so grateful for meeting you.

Thank you. Thank you, for being yourself.

It's all about self sabotage
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry I wanted love so much and I needed and loved you but not in the way you wanted. I kept hoping something inside me would change, and I would be attracted to you.

I'm sorry I didn't consider your feelings through all of it. I was so desperate for love it made me do things I wouldn't normally do.

What I've realized is that it all boils down to the fact that I don't love me. And I'm drowning, trying to grab onto anything that will love me.

I'm sorry you were caught up in it and then pushed under in my flailing about.

I'm so sorry for all the mental abuse and shaming I have put you through for so long. I was just trying to make myself perfect, so I could be loved. So I could be good enough to be loved.

I'm sorry about everything that happened as a result... the pseudo-stalking, blocking friends, the lies, the desperation of trying to be loved and hurting myself (and you) instead of learning to love myself and forgive myself for my mistakes.

I'm so sorry I hurt you and behaved so poorly. I hope one day you can forgive and love me.

I'm so sorry I wasted so much of your life. I'm so sorry I made you hurt others because of my insecurities.

Please, please, forgive me. We both need peace. We deserve forgiveness and love and that, most of all, is what I wish for you.

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