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I'm Sorry Jane

by Albert Kim
(Jericho, NY, USA)

Hi Jane... I know it's been a while since we last talked, much less seen each other. I also realize that I am years too late in telling you this, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all the times that I've hurt you. I'm sorry that I didn't treat you with the love and respect that you deserved.

I'm sorry that I didn't listen to you and was too selfish, immature, temperamental, and naive to be the boyfriend that you always wanted and needed. And I wish I could take away all the painful memories that I've given you and given you instead what you so richly deserved.

And, lastly, I'm sorry that you wasted your time, energy, and love on me, someone who clearly was a privileged little brat with no understanding of how the world works.

I realize now that you were the most sweet, beautiful, caring, and loving person that I've ever met in my entire life and that I wish I could have the honor of being in your life, supporting you, and caring for you for the past several years.

I know you don't want to talk to me right now, but I hope that some day, that I can have another chance with you, to earn your trust, friendship, and to rebuild our relationship.


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An apology to my girlfriend Lynda..
by: Anonymous

Dear Lynda,

I know you probably hate me and you don't want to see or hear about me, but I think you deserve an apology from me.

I should have done that a long time ago but I couldn't...I can't face you and say it, cause you make me weak and vulnerable.

What I feel for you is really strong, I wanna be with you, touch you, kiss you, love you... but I can't because we both now that it wouldn't last.

I want you to know that it was never your mistake nor your fault, it was mine.

I was a coward who was afraid of his feelings , trust me hurting you and seeing sadness in your eyes was so painful, it hurt me as much as you and maybe more...

I know I sound selfish but I really wish our paths cross again so I can fight for you, for your smile, for your eyes and your love...yes I love YOU , I love you and I'm just realizing it every day.

You are everywhere, I think of you all the time and I can't seem to forget about you that easily...

Forgive me...forgive me for not taking care of you, forgive me for not giving you more of my time, forgive me for not being here to support you, forgive me for not saying how beautiful you are, forgive me for not taking your hand in mine and showing everyone that you are mine and only mine.

Forgive me for making you cry even though you never showed me that.

I knew that I made you cry, forgive me for giving up on you, for letting you go, for not fighting for you, forgive me for breaking your heart...and mine.

I feel how you feel...
by: T.

MJH, I've thought about you a thousand times. I'm sure I will never find the path I need to take to find someone as special as you.

I know that by now there is nothing left in me to say but that I am sorry for everything.

I should have said it sooner. I should have behaved differently. I should have seen what I was doing to you and us.

Here I am with a broken heart, feeling like a bird with a broken wing that can't fly. I guess one gets what one deserves.

Although it has been a while, seeing you around town makes me want to fly out of everywhere. I miss our late night conversations and our good times. You are deserving of more than I gave.

What I miss the most is the way you made me laugh. It was the laughter you generated in me that gave me the strength and courage to carry on the next day. Such a simple thing but so important.

I'm so sorry that I was selfish and undeserving of your love but know that I will love you always and wish you a happy life.

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