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I'm Sorry. So Sorry Baby for the Way I Made you Feel!

by Bryan Bray
(Amarillo, TX)

Baby, you mean the world to me, and having you upset is the very last place I ever want to be!

Without the light you bring into my eyes, I think I'd just as soon lay down and die! I could say it a thousand different ways but no matter what the words are they all will mean the same thing.


Your pain is killing me! Please baby if you could possibly find it in your heart, just forgive me!! I can't say I will never do it again, after all I'm only human. With that in mind I need you to know your happiness MATTERS THE MOST TO ME!


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I think he deserves a second chance
by: Heg Sourdough

Hear the man out maybe?

Truly Comes From Deep Emotion
by: Sandeep Kasure

Really all the sentences are like they truly come from hurtful heart...Thank You

Tell her
by: Jennifer

Tell her to her face.

What does it matter
by: Anonymous

What does it matter as long as it fits the heart...some people just can't write letters, it's hard for them. How many times has somebody dedicated a song to someone they didn't write it or perform it. So just hate them, that makes no logical be honest.

don't use this as is
by: Anonymous

My ex used this apology letter and I didn't know it at first. He told me about it after I forgave him and now I hate him. Speak from the heart you idiots.

by: Brie

Sticks and stones can break someone's bones but words will cut deep forever.

I love him
by: Anonymous

This is thus far the most sincere apology that you could made to someone. Do not worry about people who disagreed with you. I even love the fact that you noted "I'm a human after all." That shows that not only you are apologizing to the person, at the same time, you want that person to know that we are all human and we make mistakes. I have used this to get back with my fiancee. I think it's wonderful, lovely and honest.

by: Jenna

This website is doing a great job by helping people learn how to apologize for their mistakes. This letter however proves that not everyone gets it.

It's a good thing to understand, accept our mistakes and learn from helps us grow, be more compassionate, and will decrease friction in our lives and relationships.

by: Not Your Babe

This apology fails on so many levels. You say that what matters to you the most is her happiness, and your actions have caused her to be unhappy.

Then you go on to say that you can't say you will never do it again and that you're only human after all. Seriously?

You're a player. You don't deserve her or her forgiveness. I wouldn't accept this apology with a ten foot pole.

I suggest you do some soul searching and then read what constitutes a proper apology on this site. Look for the part that says, you need to "promise not to do it again" and mean it. Without that promise there is no point in saying you're sorry.

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