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Im Sorry

by SBS

From day one, you were a person who never treated me wrong. I was in a situation in which several people gave me a hard time and/or wouldn't give me the time of day, but you were always someone that I could text or call or ask to hang out and you never seemed to be bothered by me.

You were always there for me and gave me a gift in friendship I will never forget. My downfall was that I wanted to give back what you gave to me. I wanted to be there for you, to be the one you vented to, the one you could rely on, a shoulder to cry on.

But maybe you didn't need that from me. Maybe I hoped one day you would come to see that I can give back to you what you gave to me. Maybe I should've looked at our friendship differently. Maybe I should've just taken you for who you were. For what you were able to give to me, and not what I could give back to you in return.

I feel like I punished you for not being reciprocal in making plans with me, and for not telling me as much as I told you. I feel like I got jealous because you were closer to a person in my life who I had a rough patch with at one point than you were with me.

You introduced me to so many amazing people, and was with me through some of my firsts. I can think of so many things that have happened to me this past year, and you being a part of all of them. I think that it weighed heavily on me to have such a casual friendship when you had impacted my life so much. You never did anything wrong, you told me that, and I know you didn't. You didn't.

I have so much to thank you for. I hope you know that I will always cherish our memories. Maybe one day we will be friends again.

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