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That old famous line "Love is never having to say your sorry" from the movie Love Story couldn't be more wrong. Apologizing to those you love is more important than saying sorry to anyone else. Making a loved one's (or even a good friend's) life somehow better, every single day even in the smallest way, is what we should all be striving for in our relationships.

When we don't, it eats us up inside and we risk losing the most precious things in our lives and often don't realize their value until they are gone..

Christina writes...

I would like to say I'm sorry to my boyfriend for the way I've been for the past four years and i know its not normal for the way I yell and scream everyday.

I thank you so much for staying with me all these years and I know I am changing slowing but surely. I promise you I will make you the best girlfriend that you can ever imagine. I know its hard for you because of your past relationship. We are like night and day and I know in your heart that if you could turn back time you wouldn't of messed that up for nothing. After being with me you now realize that the grass isn't greener on the other side.

I love you with all my heart and soul and I know you love me but you cant handle much more of it. Please, please hang in there honey it didn't take over night to end up like this. It took 16 years of abuse and it wont take over night to change.

They say you cant teach and old dog new tricks but baby believe me you can since I've met you I realized that every guy isn't like that and I will do whatever it takes to make our relationship last. You are the greatest. I love you baby.

Chloe writes....


I know how stupid I've behaved. I don't know why I am so jealous and insecure and taking it out on you makes me so ashamed of myself.

You don't want to talk to me anymore tonight because you can't stand our constant fighting. I cringe at myself constantly and I know I'm in the wrong the entire time.

But somehow that doesn't stop the feelings. I know you don't like her and I know you don't intentionally hang out with her, maybe I do it for attention, throwing fits. I'm that insecure.

I feel so terrible that you had to end up with me. I wish you would have listened to me when I said I wasn't the girlfriend type. I know I'm unlovable, and I'm sorry you had to fail in your attempts to prove me wrong.

Dusty writes...

Dear Kyle,

I remember how we felt about each other, and how you stayed by my side no matter how much s**t I gave you. I loved you and I didn't know how to express it the right way. Now I'm never gonna be able to share it with you.

I know if I was to say this to you, you would think I'm just making this up, but truly I could never make this up.

I am in love with you, no matter how much I try to forget. I'm always gonna be in love with you. I wish I just had one more chance with you to show you how much I have changed. I love you, always and forever.


Marinos from Greece writes...


This is the last thing I would like to say to you, knowing that we can't be together no more. I am so sorry and filled with regret for all the abuse you had to deal with while we were married.

I am sorry for all the things I've said. I am sorry for hitting you. I am sorry for not making you feel safe and appreciated and loved.

Your loss is a turning point in my life for change, but will always be with me knowing I never deserved you. I am afraid without you
but I am glad you got the strength to move out and leave me.

You deserve so much better and I need to stop abusing those who love me. I wish you a happy life my love and I will miss you and think of you till the end of my life.

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by: Awais

Alina. You're my world. That's all. Nothing more, nothing less. Yeah, you've hurt me at times but that could never ever level to the amount of distress and pain I've caused you. I can't begin to imagine what life without you would be like baby without you by my side every single day, waking up to your beautiful voice; falling asleep to your soft tone - all of it.

My whole day was consumed of talking to you, whether it was through BBM or whether we'd have our 14 hour long phone calls. I know things are tough right now baby, everything is hard but I know for a fact we'll pull through this. We always do and we always will.

You're the one I wanna be with for the rest of my life, I'll stand by your side - honest and true with the greatest of integrity and sincerity; just holding you and telling you that I love you over and over again. I don't care if I can't see you for weeks, months, years! Just as long as I know we'll be together forever one day; I'm holding onto it.

So Alina, after reading all of that, and realizing how sorry I am, and realizing how true my words are - I've got one, four worded phrase that could quite possibly change our lives forever. Alina, will you marry me? I won't take no for an answer baby because I know I'm the one guy who can support you; look after you, and be there to lift up the world when it drops on you.

My baby, I love you ever so much. Please, will you marry me? <3

by: marinos

Today was our anniversary...TODAY we got married...

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