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Loved The Way He Said "I am Sorry my Love"

by Riya
(Dubai, UAE)

My guy and I had a fight last week, it was my fault completely..

Well it was all very quiet for 5 days... and on Thursday afternoon when I was leaving the office... I went in to a complete shock!!!!

I saw him outside, next to his car, with a HUGE Teddy Bear holding a HUGE CARD that said "I AM SORRY LOVE".. with some balloons too... I felt like bursting in to tears right then and there...

Everyone was staring. It seemed like we were the center of attention... And, if this weren't enough... he came over, went down on one knee, removed a ring from his pocket and said "Please accept my apology" ...Damn heart rendering!

There's still more... The next morning while I was having my hot cup of coffee, a delivery guy walked in and came straight to my desk with a cute bouquet of pink and white roses... attached was card from him that said how important I am to him and that whatever happened should just be ignored... though I think I was at fault he made me feel so special... :)

Love ya ma boy!

Well guys, there's nothing better than this... to say sorry to your gals... they gonna love you hard after that.. for sure.. ;)

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by: Anonymous

lucky i think that is every girls dream...:)

A golden apology!
by: Anonymous

A guy who can say I'm sorry, is worth his weight in gold!!!

Lucky You
by: Melany

Sounds like you have a great guy!!!!!

Hold on to him cause they are hard to find...and for the guys out there, listen up.... you don't need to spend big money, all we want is to know that you made the effort and that you care about us.

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