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Move On From A Toxic Relationship

Of the many toxic relationship quotes that exists, this one really hits home. It's simple, clear and reveals a truth we all know and understand.

Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows.

We've all experienced some form of toxicity in our relationships. It comes in many different forms but regardless of the severity, it will either destroy you or make you grow stronger. Get out of any toxic relationship and consciously make the choice to grow stronger

Jayden from the Netherlands writes...

Dear Maddy... I just want to apologise for the mistakes I have made. I want to apologise for not being considerate of you're feelings. I know what I have done is wrong, very wrong especially when I was being stupid myself. I take all the blame for you being upset.

I love you Maddy. I know what I'm saying may seem weird to you but I'm honest af as I can be.

I don't want to be ignored anymore by you. I don't want be ghosted by you. I don't want you to leave me for anyone else.

All I want for us Maddison is for us to grow in a healthy non toxic relationship. I have planned on how I'm going to see you in real life Maddy but I need you to be my side if I'm going to get that to work.

I love you for you babe. I don't want anyone to come in between us, not slowthai, not carti, and definitely not discord themes.

If you ever feel offended by what I say let me know dear because that's what we are here for. We are here to know each other and grow mentally. I love you Maddy.

from, Jayden

Ali writes....

I hated you.. but I didn't mean it. Even if I did, I would get over it. I wanted to hit you so hard to give you an idea of the pain I felt...but I'd say sorry right after because I can't ever see you in pain.

You may not want to hear any of this...but I feel like I have to tell you.

You had me wrapped around your finger and I can't explain why or did something to me and it really, really scared me because you could break me anytime you want to. And, then it felt as though you were squeezing as tightly as you can. And it hurt me.

You probably don't care...but I do and I don't know why anymore. Although you may have backed away A LOT towards the end and let go quick, I didn't.

It honestly hurt me so much realizing that you probably didn't really care so I latched myself even tighter on to you and grew stronger. I was hoping you would grow stronger too. Instead our relationship grew more toxic.

I always felt happy and secure when I was with you and it made me think about how I just wish I could have made you happy...It was all I wanted to do. But what I really wanted was to feel happy and secure with myself.

I obviously failed at the making you happy part but grew in so many other ways despite the toxicity of our relationship and for that I'm grateful.

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