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Movie Theater Apology

by Melinda

I'm so sorry I lost my cool at the movie theater.

It was wrong of me. I don't know your name but my bf and I were on a date at the movies, you and your family were talking and yelling at each other in front of us and several more sat behind us and across the isle as well, all during the movie and moving back and forth from the seats sharing popcorn and talking.

And, you kept playing or texting on your phone in front of me and it was shining in my eyes. I got irritated by all the talking and moving and the phone was the last straw and I blew up and said "put your phone away or I'm gonna kick your A**".

I couldn't catch my words fast enough before they came out of anger. Then your aunt behind me yelled at me for saying it to a 12 year old and I freaked out on her too.

You didn't look 12 but that's no excuse. I shouldn't have said it whether you were older or not! It was so rude of me. What is wrong with me?

I lost it and I should've said "please put your phone away" or something else!

I'm nice all the time to everyone, even strangers. I even manage to let rude people walk all over me instead of sticking up for myself. I have a new baby and am stressed but that's no excuse.

I'm a mom so I should know better. I am not an awful person, why did i lose it with you? I don't know...

I apologized to you and your aunt and you both accepted and your shouldn't have. I don't deserve it, but I know I hurt your feelings. I upset you and you looked upset....I could feel your pain of this awful woman who lost her cool to you.

I am so sorry. I hope this doesn't effect your life in a way that hangs over your head. I will never see any of you but the guilt of knowing your hurt makes it worse. You will never see this and it doesn't make me a better person for writing this.

From the Perfect Apology Team...

Actually it does make you a better person.:-)

You have shown both regret and remorse for your actions and took all the right steps, apologized, and reached out as much as you could.

We all lose it sometimes (it's what makes us human)and we all behave poorly due to personal stresses and things that are going on in our lives.

It's how we react and behave AFTER the fact that shows our true character and who we really are.

Your actions speak MUCH louder than your words to them. They forgave you, now it's time to forgive yourself and see how your actions after the incident reflect on what a good person you are, and how great a role model you are for your children.

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