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My Apology --Always and Forever

by Jason

Dear Michele... I hope you read this. I hope everyone reads this. Because the whole world should know how much pain, hurt, how much I love you and how sorry I am. And how much you loved me. I'm deeply sorry for for everything I did to hurt you. I live and think about these things every minute of everyday since I lost you and realized how much I love you.

Now I see and hear everything you told me before. Now in my life I'm doing things for myself and not for you, because I don't have you in my life anymore and we may never be together again. Because of how scared I was to let you in and how stupid I was. I never intentionally meant to do anything to hurt you and I'm sure you know this. I never want to hurt you or anyone else again. I now realize as you said "true love you would never lie, betray, or let that person down". Well I know this now and you were right. You were always right.

Michele I'm so sorry, I cry myself to sleep every night since I left. I dream all the time in my sleep about you and us. I've never done that before. I wake up every morning to the thought of you laying next to me in the bed sleeping and then I realize you aren't there. I go to wal-mart and all I do is see everything that has you in it one shape or another.

Michele I miss everything about you and what you did for me to become a better man. I feel in my life now that I have all this weight & burden lifted off my shoulders since I put you through everything. But at the same time I've never felt so empty in my entire life, I felt empty before I met you, but I was looking for that fulfillment in my life. But I found you, but then because of my stupidity I lost that something when I lost you.

Now I feel more empty inside than before I met you because I know now I'll never have you in my life again and I lost that one and only soul mate that we all have on this earth and that is you Michele.

Michele you are the greatest thing GOD created on this earth. Michele you deserve such a great man. I'm sorry I couldn't be that man before. But I hope maybe in the future you can forgive me and give me a chance to show you what type of person I truly am.

Michele I think about everything about you all the time. I know you know this and everything that I do think about.

Michele I hope and pray everyday that we may be together again one day. I hope and pray I hear from you soon. I will always be waiting for you and only you. I love you. Always and forever................ Jason

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I know exactly how you feel.
by: AcidRain

As I read this, it's as if I'm reading something I've thought... It sucks big time when you lose the one thing that gives your heart a reason to beat. It feels horrid when you say sorry, and you know no matter how much you do, or what ever you say, you won't get the person back. This is wonderfully written.

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