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My apology Letter to my ex Girlfriend Chaang

by Hencha

Hello dear Chaang ... I can see you are happy now. When I think back of the day I left you alone and went out from your life, I can't imagine I did that to you. You deserve the best but I gave you the worst. You deserve to be happy but I gave you a desperate life. You deserve a good boyfriend and I gave you the worst devil.

I will never forgive myself for being so rude to you.

You are the best angel I've ever met, where in the world would I go to find an angel like you.

I will be forever sorry for what I did to you. I prayed that one day you will find this message and see how regretful I am that I left you behind.

I miss the moon while counting the stars, I miss the diamond while picking the stones. I know I am not deserving to be forgiven, and I deserve to live the worst desperate life, for the rest of my life.

And, I will accept that fate if that will be an exchange for how much I hurt you.

I am sorry that I could not be there for you when you were sick everyday. I am sorry that I didn't put out my hands when you needed me most.

I am sorry that you cried every time you heard my name. I am sorry to hear that you skip many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners just because you don't want to see me. I am sorry for causing your stomach to be empty.

The tears which roll down from my eyes right now are the tears of hurt and regret, and I deserve this. I deserve to be thrown out from this world to the unknown world where no love is.

I am sorry that I took everything for granted. I am sorry that I listened and believed the people who told me that you were a terrible girl.

If I had the world I would give it up in exchange for your love, because now I know that love makes everything perfect.

I am sorry that I let my pride get inside my heart. I am sorry that I proposed to another girl in front of you.

Every one who reads this letter will never think I deserve to be forgiven, because I hurt you so badly.

Lastly and most importantly, I am sorry for letting you go, but if one day you want to turn back, I swear I will be there for you, because I LOVE YOU.

Yours, Hencha
20/2/2018 - 4:00 PM
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by: Joseph Ololade

This really made me cry. I lost someone I waited 3 years for, and am try all my best to get her back. I want to marry her.

Reply to Ben
by: hencha

Life gets difficult when we always stay in the past, we have to move on and pursue greater and higher things and forget the past. But sometimes it is so difficult to forgive ourselves when we think of our past mistakes by hurting others. But I have tried to forget the past and pursue the better things which the Lord has laid for me. Thanks for the comment Ben. Love you.....

Warming Words
by: Benezer L.

I also have experience with this, it's way too hard to think about or ignore when we have to give up on a love. Not everyone will understand it unless they go through it and experience it.

Life is short so why do we make it complicated by focusing on sorrows and misdeeds. Be grateful for what you have or even had, and don't focus on what you don't have.

I hope things will get much, much better for you both.

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