My apology Letter to my ex Girlfriend Chaang

by Hencha

Hello dear Chaang ... I can see you are happy now. When I think back of the day I left you alone and went out from your life, I can't imagine I did that to you.

You deserve the best but I gave you the worst.

You deserve to be happy but I gave you a desperate life. You deserve a good boyfriend and I gave you the worst devil. I will never forgive myself for being so rude to you.

You are the best angel I've ever met, where in the world would I go to find an angel like you.

I will be forever sorry for what I did to you. I prayed that one day you will find this message and see how regretful I am that I left you behind.

I miss the moon while counting the stars, I miss the diamond while picking the stones. I know I am not deserving to be forgiven, and I deserve to live the worst desperate life, for the rest of my life.

And, I will accept that fate if that will be an exchange for how much I hurt you.

I am sorry that I could not be there for you when you were sick everyday. I am sorry that I didn't put out my hands when you needed me most.

I am sorry that you cried every time you heard my name. I am sorry to hear that you skip many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners just because you don't want to see me. I am sorry for causing your stomach to be empty.

The tears which roll down from my eyes right now are the tears of hurt and regret, and I deserve this. I deserve to be thrown out from this world to the unknown world where no love is.

I am sorry that I took everything for granted. I am sorry that I listened and believed the people who told me that you were a terrible girl.

If I had the world I would give it up in exchange for your love, because now I know that love makes everything perfect.

I am sorry that I let my pride get inside my heart. I am sorry that I proposed to another girl in front of you.

Every one who reads this letter will never think I deserve to be forgiven, because I hurt you so badly.

Lastly and most importantly, I am sorry for letting you go, but if one day you want to turn back, I swear I will be there for you, because I LOVE YOU.

Yours, Hencha
20/2/2018 - 4:00 PM
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