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My Deepest Regret from Childhood

by Evelyn W.

I was seven when I heard the news I was going to move away. I was eight when I actually did move. And no one even cared enough. I loved my friends dearly, too much to let them go anytime, but now that I have, I cry every day because of it. When I had heard the news that I was going to move the next year, I cried since I didn't want to leave them.

Now, let me give you some background information.

I had three close friends. Analeah, Jade, and Lilly. I've known Lilly since Pre-School, and Analeah and Jade since Kindergarten. Lilly and I always/usually hung out back then, and we were pretty close...until her mother went into jail.

She went to jail because she was drinking and driving, then she killed a civilian. Which turned out to be someone coming home from their job around the corner.

I never knew what happened to Lilly's father, but he and her mother were divorced so he probably left her mother, and that's why she started to drink. Because of this, her dad wouldn't take her so she went into foster care.

Now, there's the background information that you need to know.

In the end of second grade (the last year I was there) I had to tell them I was moving.

Of course, I told my teacher (let's call him Mr. Hunter) I was moving to *location*, and he wished me farewell, along with some other students/friends.

Before lunch, I had to tell the two, (Lilly went into foster care at the beginning of first grade and she didn't go to the same school) but something prevented me from talking to them.

Actually, I know exactly why I couldn't talk to them. Lilly—because they were too busy talking to her.

Now, back then I was a REALLY shy kid (still kind of am now but minus the kid part) and didn't have the courage to talk to them since I thought they were too busy.

And at the end of recess I told them these exact words, "I'm moving to *location*, so let's try and keep in touch, okay? I'll miss you guys!"

Yet all they did was a shrug and say "Okay?"

They never called back, and I never got a call from them.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier... and I regret not telling you at all, Lilly.

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