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My Deepest Regret

by Jasmine
(New Orleans)

Time and time again, being in love could seem so simple and come so smoothly. But to lose someone who you looked on to as your other half is the most painful experience in life... Da'Jon, I'm not only apologizing for acting unappreciative towards you, but for belittling you as a man, you are indeed my everything. I'm wrong for just realizing this now.

Now that mad day has risen upon us, I only have myself to blame. You brought my happiness out, you came in my life at a time where I was at my lowest; when I was scared of everything...especially losing you.

I always feared this day will come, the day you realize you don't need me as much as I need you. You did a lot for me, making sure I didn't want for nothing, making sure I was taken care of .. sometimes before you did for yourself.

I'm writing this to show whoever comes upon this website like I did, to know that you should never take the love of your life for granted. It'll make you miserable.

I love you with all my heart Da'Jon. Hopefully one day, you'll give me the chance to prove I can be the woman you deserve ..

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by: Jasmin

Omg girl, I feel like I know you.

Regret is a Powerful Tool
by: Lizzie

I loved this letter. You know the old saying that we don't realize what we have until it's gone. Well, that was true for me as it is for you.

I think about it everyday... How I could have been so blind to what I had. How safe I felt with him. How much we had in common.

I think it's the being safe and so comfortable that makes us begin to take things, our partner, and our relationship for granted.

In new relationships we are so careful and anxious about things. We treat the other person so differently than when we feel completely secure in the relationship. Why is that?

I'm so sorry for what I said and how I behaved later on in our relationship. When I go through pictures of us and they trigger memories of those times, I can't believe how much I changed from early on, how differently I treated him, how selfish I became.

I have learned from that experience and have never taken a relationship for granted again.

That original relationship was wonderful, then over, then filled with regret, but it has been a beacon for my relationships since then and they are stronger and I am happier as a result.

I wish you the best, perhaps your man will see that you now understand what you did. If not, take the whole experience with you in your next relationship so you never have to apologize and regret what you've done again.


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