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Please Forgive me

Asking for forgiveness is universal and part of what makes us human. It comes from feelings of deep regret and remorse when we realize the impact of our behavior resulted in hurting someone we care about. Here are three different apology letters from three different people, from different parts of the world who realize the error of their ways and are asking those they hurt to please forgive them.

My dear Mzukisi J.

I know I shouldn't have lied. I should have just come out straight to give you the true picture of everything.

You gave me the chance to rectify my lies by believing me. Yet I still lied again! Now I am here in bed in tears with deep regret for what I could have saved.

My thoughts are filled with you. You are my love so true. I can never do anything without you. I only need one more chance to show you I can be the special person for you.

I only need one more chance to tell you I am a better now.

I know it will be difficult for you to trust me again but I want you to remember how we started, I was not like this.

Somebody or something happened to me along the way that made me change drastically. This time I am ready to work on myself but I can't do it alone. I need your love and support. Please help me.

I am sorry for the pain I have caused and this is the reason why I have written this apology letter requesting for your forgiveness.

Please forgive me my love. I deeply regret my mistakes.

Yours sincerely,
Aluncedo N.

That ringing phone will always haunt me...

I'm so sorry I worried you. I'm sorry I concerned you. I'm sorry I ignored you when you were out of town and simply let your calls go to voice mail when I was cheating on you and using drugs.

Not answering was selfish and cruel, even if my judgment was crowded by the meth I was smoking.

My heart aches now when I think of hearing the phone ringing in my pocket over and over again. I imagine your worry and your despair, your rightful suspicions.

I regret what I did and even though you believed my excuse and didn't hold it against me, I know what I did was wrong and that I hurt you. I can't undo what I've done but I can start over and try to make amends to you.

I will do that by making a solemn vow that I will never use meth again and I'll never, even not be there for you when you reach out.

From this day forward, I will strive to be a better person and better husband, the kind of man you deserve and the kind of man you are for me.

I wish I could confess to you in real life and ask for your forgiveness, but I truly believe that would hurt you more deeply, even if it would give me some relief from my own pain over my actions.

We can't change the past, but we can live in the present with integrity, kindness, and mindfulness of others. That's what I pledge to do for you. For now, I say I'm sorry.


I take full responsibility for everything (as I should...since it's all my fault).

I was broken and I couldn't allow myself to open up, so I shut myself off even more...and pushed you away.

I made you miserable, because I was miserable. And the worst part is that the only woman I could ever love, my twin flame...I hurt.

You kept telling me to get help, so that I could heal and I wouldn't listen. My stoic bull$h!t. I should have stood up and dealt with my darkness, for you. Because you're worth it.

You're the most amazing woman that's walked the face of the planet and the things that I said were petty and not true. They came from my pain...and that pain shouldn't have been shared with you.

I only wanted to be there while you healed your pain and I wound up making it so much worse.

My love for you will never die.

I only wish for your happiness. So, please, be happy. In whatever manner that might be.

I love you. And I always will. And I'm sorry. I ask for forgiveness even though this apology will never suffice.

- Kingpin 

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Best Apology
by: Anonymous

Both the letters here are very good. I wanted to ask for help with a sincere apology to my wife. I knew my mistakes but I wasn't able to put it in words. This really helped me. Thanks

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