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Regrets and Apologies My Love

by Me

I'm sorry that we didn't work out, which was a shame because we really "got" each other. I'm sorry that we'll never get married and have kids together. With my brains and your beauty (and brains), they would have been Mensa by day and models by night. I'm sorry for contributing to the despair of an already sad girl.

All I ever wanted was for you to be happy and in the end I made things worse. I'm sorry that every man in your life has failed you and wouldn't blame you if you turned to women.

I'm sorry for airing our dirty laundry. It was selfish and immature. I apologize to our friends for putting you all in the middle of our crap and the divide that lives on.

I'm sorry that I didn't read your book selections earlier because it would have helped our relationship. I'm sorry that now there's no one to feed my brain.

I'm sorry that I didn't compliment you more or tell you "I love you" more often when we dated. I was trying to play it cool, but ended up playing it stupid. You have a beautiful body and I wish I told you that more during our reluctant workouts, when you were feeling self-conscious, or when we made love.

I'm sorry for being my father's son. I'm sorry for not being more forgiving of your shortcomings. I'm sorry for losing my temper over trivial matters instead of laughing about them.

I'm sorry that in the end, I couldn't do the right thing. I tried. I swear I really, really did.

I'm sorry that forgiveness isn't a part of your nature because in the long run, it hurts you and the ones you love more than it hurts me.

I'm sorry that I let you talk me into full disclosure when we first began dating. Even though it's what couples want, it isn't what couples need.

I'm sorry that my roommates have to bear the cross of our fights. They miss you, too.

I'm sorry that I helped screw up a relationship with one of the most important people I've ever met.

I'm sorry that I never bought you a kitten. I was thinking with my head when I should have been thinking with my heart. That kitten would have been the most-loved feline in the world.

I'm sorry that we'll never get to watch our favorite shows together or take walks on the bike path since you're the only person I like to do those things with, and could have done until the End of Days.

I'm sorry that I don't get to see your family anymore, especially your brother and his girlfriend.

I'm sorry that I'll never get to see your cats again, especially since the one was finally starting to like me and he hates everyone (can't say I blame him considering his pretentious name).

I'm sorry that we never got to travel together. Now that I have my passport, instead of collecting stamps, it's just collecting dust.

I'm sorry that, besides meeting you, nothing good has come from moving to this town.

I'm sorry that it took until the end of our relationship to find my "inner-romantic." I'm sorry it took me this long in life to know that I even had it in me.

I'm sorry that I haven't figured out how to grow a TARDIS and keep you from meeting your ex. I'm sorry that doing so would have caused a paradox that probably would have blown a hole in the space-time continuum the size of Belgium and I wouldn't know what to do about that.

I'm sorry that I keep dreaming that I'll hit the lottery and shameless buy your love back (via Barenaked Ladies "If I Had a Million Dollars").

I'm sorry that despite dating other people, I guess I really haven't moved on yet. I hope you haven't either, but for your sake, I hope you have. I'm sorry that despite everything that's happened, I still miss you.

I'm sorry that you'll never leave my heart and I'll have to learn to live with it.

I'm sorry that your smile will haunt me forever and that I'm powerless to change that fact.

I'm sorry that you didn't wear hats more often when we dated. They suit you.

I'm sorry that I can't wish you a happy birthday in person today. I hope you're surrounded by people and felines that love and cherish you and lots of Cold Stone.

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My heart just melted :)
by: Anonymous

Well, we may have a lot of shortcomings.. but then, sometimes, we unconsciously do something bad because we're being provoked or we're hurt too. And yes, for that we should apologize, but then we can never move on and be truly happy if we keep having those regrets, we need to forgive ourselves for all the wrong things we've done. Hoping we'll learn from our mistakes and move forward for the better. And if were lucky to find love once again, we do it the right way :)

Thank you
by: Anonymous

This was a great letter my friend.

I feel your heartbreak because I have been and am there now.

I have to write one of these to a person I so completely adored because of my failure to do the right thing. Has much to do with the way I was raised but I am still responsible..

Your words have helped me know how to say some things and I thank you.

I wish you the very best in the future. I trust you can forgive yourself. And that she was able to begin to heal from the hurt and live again.

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