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Regrets, Love and Relationships

Regret is often found in love, romance and relationships. We may regret choices we've made, words we've used or even actions we've taken (or not taken) that affect our girlfriends and boyfriends, husbands and wives. Apologies have their place with feelings of regret but only when forgiveness from ourselves or others is warranted.

Regrets For Not Choosing Love by "Hey Beautiful"

It's been months since we last spoke, I know that's my fault. When we got together you knew that I was in a relationship and we still decided to venture past the multi-year long friendship...

There is no way that I could ever forgive myself for doing what I did to you... I've tried but everyday it haunts me.

I made promises to you that I also made to him and at the end of the day I needed to keep at least one set...I chose his.

I know that was wrong and you may never forgive me for that. I had all intentions to leave him so we could be together but I knew that the stable and materialistic life that I enjoyed would all disappear and because I am lazy and selfish, I wasn't ready to let it go for love. My mom once told me life is not all about love...

Now as each day passes and I think about it, that's probably the worst advice I've ever gotten from her...Now I know my choice was wrong, if it was right I would never feel the way I do now.

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of you and the rest of the time I hope to. He and I are continuing along the same path, things are going great according to the naked eye, but not according to the heart.

I can still remember your smell. I can still remember your touch. I can hear you singing to me. I can picture you in your robe doing dishes. I can remember sitting with you for dinner which you prepared. I can remember looking at the sunrise with you while we're having tea... such beautiful memories...and so many more I could describe...making love to you was so captivating, truly mind body and soul.

Oh how I miss you. I truly love you and my heart aches for you... One day my love, one day.

Love of My Life by Desirae

My Love,
You will and always will be my forever. You are more than just the love of my life you are my best friend and the person I go to for everything. I first want to say how truly sorry that I ever let you leave from my life.

Since then all I have thought about or could think about was you. I thought what I needed was to move on but it turns out I needed you. I was unsure if I could jump into the duties that would be mine if we got married. I understand your anger and resentment towards me for that. I guess all I needed was a clear mind to think about my life and what I wanted.

I love you more than life itself and I truly hope you come to understand why I did what I did. I also want you to know that I really do hope you decide to stay, and I know without a doubt in my mind you are my one and only.

I love you.

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