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Rude Words

by Chrisel
(Baguio City, Philippines)

My boyfriend and I just had a fight last week and it was not yet fixed up. We had an argument. Then I tried to talk to him by phone but it just grew bigger. He misunderstood my point and we never had communication for 2 days. After that 2 days, our friends invited me to their church where he is one of the members too.

We just look at each other and we didn't have a talk to fix the things. But that time, I got mad too because my girl friends told me the things that my boyfriend told them. And it seems that I was the bad person. I chose not to talk to him that night. Until we went out of town, we never had communication.

Just yesterday, I was drunk. I was with my 2 other friends. I think they told my boyfriend about it so he called me up. He told me to stop drinking or else, but I was just out of my mind and opposed everything he said. I even told him bad words and I told him he was a liar. then, he didn't say a word anymore.

I tried to call him back again and apologize but he just kept quiet. He doesn't want to talk to me. I still tried to call him the next morning, but he didn't answer the phone.

It's more than a week since the last time I saw him and I miss him so badly. I don't know what to do.

I was really rude!

I don't think he'll forgive me, for all those things I've said... I think he needs time now, I'll just talk to him personally if the issue is not that hot anymore. So sad that I will not see him this coming days still... I really hope one day, he'll forgive me...

Any ideas or advice?


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Need to talk
by: Steve

What I see is that you people are trying to hurt each other by having unnecessary arguments. Please never try to blame each other, most problems can be solved by talking them trough.

Never Give Up!
by: keke

The same thing happened to me. My advice, don't give up. Continue trying your best.

Try Both
by: Mel

I think you should go to his place with a hand written apology and anything else you think might help and follow up with a verbal 'I'm sorry'. This will show him how sorry you are and give him physical evidence of this, that he can read more than once and that he can ponder over. The more he reads it the more likely it will be that he will forgive you.

by: zee

Well, personally if I was in that situation. I'd use my creative imagination and put myself in his shoes, think to myself what would I want if that happened to me...

Go see him because things get a lot easier when you're face to face.

Think of a couple of things he loves. Get him teddys, flowers, chocolate, anything... and knock on the door.:) When he opens, tell him "I'm sorry etc.." and that should work..

by: xtina

I think it sounds like one of those situations where, the longer you leave it, the madder he might get.

I think you should work on your handwritten apology now, before it's too late. Let him know all the things you need to.

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