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So Soon

by TeTe
(Duluth, GA)

I met this guy out at a night club called Motions in Underground ATL. I was standing around talking to some other guys that I totally wasn't interested in, when all of a sudden I saw someone reach their hand out to me.

He grabbed me and pulled me closer to him and immediately I was turned on, just by the way he took control. We talked and he said I will call you on Monday and I agreed.

Monday came around and he did call like he said, we had a nice conversation and told me that he had a girlfriend and that it was all going down the drain. He said that he has been telling her to shape up or he's going to seek out other people. I was cool with it because I am not looking to be in a relationship.

As time passed (about a month) and we started spending more time with each other I was becoming sooooo infatuated with him that I couldn't even see straight. The only thing is that he is not aware of is how much I like him.

We both know that everything moved very quickly and that we were pretty much on the same page about it with each other. He called me and said his girlfriend was going to be out of town for a couple of days and wanted me to come by. I agreed but it was not until late that night that I was able to get across town to see him.

I got the feeling that he was frustrated with me because I took the wrong route first of all which cost me even more time getting there and it was already very late. When I arrived I got the feeling that he just wanted to go to sleep because he had to be at work early the next morning.

We played around for a few minutes and began to be intimate, then out of nowhere I told him to stop because he was hurting me and I was uncomfortable. I saw this complete look of disappointment and he looked so upset. I know that he was mad and I jumped to conclusions that he didn't want me there anymore and that he would rather be by himself for the rest of the night (even though he never said a thing). I just lost it and flew off the handle telling him I know you don't want me here anymore and that I would just leave and go back home.

He was like "what!" He was telling me to listen to what your saying and I thought I was. I had a long ride back to the house and a chance to think, but I have called and wrote text messages and he won't talk to me anymore. I know that he didn't do anything wrong and I just had some things that I was dealing with.

I didn't get a chance to know him like I wanted to and now I think he's gone for good. I just want a chance to explain without him thinking I'm just plain crazy. What do I do, and how do I say I'm sorry. Please HELP!!!!!!

Thanks TeTe

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by: Anonymous

I can see that you will be very disappointed by the previous comments...i know u like him...but the good news is " u don't LOVE him" trust me leave before you are in LOVE...and love isn't a joke coz then u wont care how care crazy or silly or stupid you would go back to him like a dog 4 his bone (sorry for the comparison) but i only said that coz i care bout u ...and loving is not wrong but it is wrong when u love the wrong person..and as i see he is the wrong person ....believe me when your feelings 4 him fade away u will thank god u didn't fall in live with him coz only then you'll be able to think with your brains

Live your life
by: Ashley L

please, just don't allow yourself to go back with the guy.. There will be better times to get to know a person, have the time to recover and definitely have a better start meeting someone new.

by: Anonymous

The old "I have a gf and things are bad" line is again - OLD!!!

Wake-up! You know enough about him - he is a cheater! Be glad and never look back!

Always remember if they will cheat with you - they will cheat on you - which doesn't say much for you and he would never leave her for you b/c he is already getting the milk for free AND he knows you have no respect for relationships!

Not worth it
by: everyone's here

If he is cheating on his GF with you, he's a cheater and he doesn't love you. He'll cheat on you again and again. He's not worth your time. I know it hurts, but it's true.

Not meant to be

As you get older you'll realize that somethings are just not meant to be. The universe has a way of sorting things out for us sometimes.


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