Perfect Apology Monogram

So Very Sorry My Love

Apologies and love know no boundaries. These two love letters express how sorry the writers are. They remind us all that regardless of gender, geography or circumstance we all share basic truths.

Margaret from Japan writes...

I love you.

I know I said sorry countless times already and you must be tired of hearing it from me, over and over again.

There are lots of things I regret. I regret not waking up before you could during cold mornings, not being able to accomplish our bucket list and planner, not being able to take good care of you, not being able to make you feel that you are loved enough.

I knew, yet I remained nonchalant because I thought we were doing well, but we weren't.

During my days reflecting to what I did to you, I came across one quote saying that "insecurities came from guilt and because you couldn't be who you want to be". That was true.

I knew I lacked in so many ways, driven by guilt and fear that my flaws would be the reason of you fleeing, I took it upon myself to release all the frustration on you. And for that, I am eternally sorry.

I am writing this letter with the thought that this may be our last, my last message for you, and it makes me cry.

But if ever, I would still want to see that smile on your face from afar. I will continue watching over you, Jin. I love you so much.

I am so sorry for not being the type of woman you wanted me to be. I will forever regret losing you. -Margaret

Sandeep from India writes...

My perfect apology to her


I'm writing this letter because I feel really bad thinking about the way I hurt you. I don't have any intention to hurt you. I don't know whether you'll forgive me or not. I am so sorry.

I just want to hold you in my arm and never let you go I love you so much. When I think of the moments that we have passed together, tears rolled down from my eyes.

These tears are filled with sadness and hurt, without you I'm alone. I cannot live without you. I don't know if i can change your mind but I can only say that I am sorry and I love you more than I do to myself.

Can we leave the past behind and be like earlier... what we were, please.

I am so sorry, so embarrassed, so disappointed in myself that I am sick inside.
I am a fool, useless, stone hearted and I am everything else. Please try to understand me. I can only say to you that I am truly sorry.

I am writing this letter from the bottom of my heart. Please give me a chance. I would like to prove to you that I really love you.

I love you and I still want to be with you forever. I can only say this much.

Hoping that you'll accept me and missing you so much.

Your (shorty)

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